Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Visit From The Donkins

We got a wonderful surprise visit from JoAnna and Zack this past week. School was over for them both and they were hustling to find jobs in Rexburg for the fall so as to pay for School in the Winter and beyond. Not to mention rent. As it turned out they both landed jobs at a restaurant that were to start the following week, so they decided to come to Portland to visit and for Zack to work for his Uncle Hal at PCC (Portland Community College). His dad Russ was here in town from Arizona also working, so we had a fun evening visiting, and allowing the two of them a little rest before they returned to work.
All these hours paid off, since it not only paid for the trip, but they were able to make enough for their rent.
Zack worked pretty long hours each day and we saw very little of him, but of course that was the main purpose for their trip.

JoAnna was very helpful around here cleaning, picking berries, picking apples, helping her dad and Uncle Mike to build the shed out back.

It brought back some great memories,
and we were sad to see them go.

After a full day of cleaning out the remainder of things at Mother and Pops house Cathy enjoyed relaxing with her feet up reading a good book.

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