Monday, August 27, 2007

Remodel in progress

We've had many requests for more pictures of the changes being made here at home. Everything is so much slower than I remember from years ago, but we are moving forward, which makes us very happy. Its the details that takes so much longer, yet makes everything so complete and beautiful. I'm just so happy for the fresh new look.
As you can see we finally have a floor in the pantry. It might seem strange to have a wood floor, yet it matches the family room, as well as the entry floor without adding another flooring to the variety we already have. All of them really look nice.
Tony and I had quite a challenge putting in the thermo window in the family room. We made changes years ago to the other windows in the house, so it was time to replace it. Not only was the opening 1" off square, but for Tony to lift it from the outside, and have me hold it from the inside while he screwed it in while on the ladder. I kept envisioning him falling, and I couldn't do anything about it. I was very glad to have him back on the ground. There again it is probably an age thing, knowing he doesn't bounce like he used to.
Tonight we fed the missionaries, and also found a new home for our couches. I would have never thought to give them to the elders, yet they were so excited to have them, and get rid of the mismatched, broken down furniture that they have. Now we have a truck load of there furniture to dump. Such a trade. Look at the blessings. The living room is completely empty which makes it a challenge to really relax at this point to watch the news. If it really bothered Tony he would bring his chair back into the living room, but he just sat on the floor without any problem. We should be getting our couch and love seat on Friday, or Saturday.

Monday, August 20, 2007

JoAnna visits Utah

A few weeks ago Peter
and Jessica went to Salt Lake to visit family, so JoAnna decided to tag along and visit with family there. She enjoyed the time away with her cousin Mariah on a hike in the mountains and around Cecret Lake. I'm not so sure Mariah had as much fun, but there is so much beauty to see on this earth.
She also went to Thanksgiving point that has a variety of gardens that Aunt Linda took pictures of she and Aunt Sandi in the Secret Gardens, but part of the fun was driving the golf cart from one garden to the next. There again I wonder how comfortable Aunt Sandi was with this experience. JoAnna had a wonderful time.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

There is Progress

As you can see we have been very busy and making progress on the changes, or fix its,and believe me we have plenty of those. This blog is mainly pictures showing what been going on this past week, or I should say these past two weekends.

Grama DeRoest Birthday

It was long overdue, but we finally got the chance to celebrate Grama DeRoest's 75th Birthday while Brent and Randi were here on the 6th by taking her to Olive Garden for her favorite seafood Alfredo. I realize she was very disappointed with all of us for not calling, or agnoliging her day at all on the 4th of June, but we were together as a family in Albuquerque New Mexico celebrating another very important event, and just plan forgot what day it was. I'm not sure if she will ever totally forgive us, but we did the best we could. Hopefully she will enjoy the gift we gave her from the family of a digital photo frame. I tried to get the extended family to forward recent pictures, however no response, so it only had pictures of our family until I got a hold of her camera to add the photos that she took while she was in California last time.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Changes in store

The news is out for some, so I thought I would include all with the projects we have been working on since last Friday the 10th. With Brent and Randi leaving, and Rodney gone on his training I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, so decided to put myself to good use while Tony was at work. When he got home he walked in to the house totaled. I cleaned out everything from the two bedrooms, and above, so that we could start ripping out walls to turn the room back into a family room. Needless to say Tony was shocked, and could only say "we're taking walls down tonight, aren't we? It was a late night, and early the next morning to complete the total destruction. Over a ton was hauled to the dump. It was very exciting for the change, but we were both sore, and concerned how long it will take to get some order back in the home.
What I failed to mention was when Rodney got home on Sunday, I really didn't expect him home, and the entire place was destroyed. All he could say when he called was," Mom what did you do?" I must admit I am glad he doesn't have a job right now so he can help us. The goal is to really work hard for two weeks. I want to go away to the beach knowing the house is in order when I get home, but we aren't as young as we used to be, so things are defiantly not done as swiftly.
The other project is stripping, cleaning and staining the deck while the weather is still good. Thursday Rodney and I worked to get it prepared, as well as painted the ceiling and prime the walls in the family room, then today when Tony got home we all got it stained. Tony really wanted to paint it, and I wanted to stain it, so it wouldn't scratch every time a chair or anything got drug across it. As it worked out we did get a brown stain, but it looks like it has been painted. I hope it works out.
After a short rest Tony painted the color in the family room(taupe), so we will be ahead for our tomorrow layout. I'll keep you posted with our progress.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Highlight of my day

In the routine of each day I love to open up my e-mail to receive pictures from the kids, especially of a certain little man that lives way to far away. Current pictures are the next best thing to being there, except for the fact that I can't hold him. I'm just grateful for modern technology.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Anniversary !

Another year has flown by, so we are celebrating our 32nd anniversary today. Wow how did we get so old so fast? I know we aren't doing anything much tonight. The initial plans this morning was to go to the temple. We have tried to make a tradition of such, however Tony has misplaced his recommend, so needs to locate it first. Instead we went to Ikea to check out what all the hip has been about since it opened a week or so ago. We had a fun time, but really were not interested in what they had. It was very much the 60's style, and very expensive. It reminded us of a big maze that took us awhile to figure out how to get out. We landed at Acapulco's for dinner. We do have allot of projects going on, one of which is to stain the back deck, so that might be our romantic evening together. At least we plan being together still after this long.

Monday night we went to a surprise 35th Anniversary Party for Kathy and Mike Roelle, that Nick and Lisa put on at the Monarch Hotel. It was a lovely dinner, and they were truly shocked. I'm sure if they knew what was happening they wouldn't have attended, however everyone did there parts. It was very nice.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Rodney's training

Rodney has really had a difficult time planning ahead with anything for his Marine duty since he doesn't seem to receive his orders ahead of time. Every month seems to be the same trouble.
He was told at first that his flight out would be on the first of the month, which was when we were scheduled to get home from Spokane, which worked out for caring for the animals.

Friday before however he called to ask where his orders were, and they told him to come in and report on Monday to receive them, then be prepared to depart on the 1st. Saturday morning at 4:30am however all Hell broke out when he received a phone call from his Sargent asking where he was. His flight out departed at 6:00am and needless to say he hadn't packed anything. Rodney even in his silent ways listened to a bit, then spoke up and stood his ground. Especially since it was just yesterday that he checked with them. He ended up flying out Monday early morning the 30th, so we arranged for Zack to come over and check on the animals on Tuesday.

Rodney's two week training took him to Washington DC for the first week, which gave him some time to tour some historical sights. (Gettysburg tour) They then drove to there final destination in Michigan where all I really understood that they did was blow stuff up, and ended up starting a fire which they were able to put out. I'm sure he did more than that, but thats what I got out of him anyway. He did say that the way this training started was a very good indication of what both weeks were. VERY UNORGANIZED. Allot of waiting.

I know he enjoys, and feels confident as he serves with the Marines. I can only hope as he moves forward with the next phase of his life that he can feel good about himself, and confident also.

He surprised us when he arrived home on Sunday night, the only problem was we were at the Morse's for dinner, so by the time we got home he was already gone to Matt's, and we haven't seen him today either. Even when he is home, he isn't. I really have a difficult time with that.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Time to relax

We made it back to Portland in time for Tony to work both Thursday and Friday. I on the other hand was off work still, so Brent, Randi and I left for the beach Friday morning, then Tony joined us after work. It was so nice to be away from the pace of Portland. The weather was beautiful, the company was great, and so all had a great time. I really enjoyed staying at Lonnie and Sandy's in Ocean Park visiting, as well as discussing plans for next years family reunion. It also gave them a time to enjoy or get to know the kids. They have been nice enough to allow us to leave our 5th wheel at there place for the last couple months, so we don't have to bring it back and forth. Tony and I will go to pick it up if all goes well over Labor Day weekend. It is so much fun to watch Lonnie and Sandi in there setting so relaxed and able to have a fun time.
The new additions to Lonnie and Sandy's fun is beach scooters, and then motorcycles to get around in Vancouver. Brent and Randi enjoyed riding the scooter to the beach, but also on the beach since motorvihicles are allowed to drive right on the beach.
What made this weekend even more fun was enjoying it with Brent and Randi. Randi has never been to the Washington coast or the Oregon coast, so they ventured on there own down the coast to Seaside for breakfast, then Mo's for fish and chips lunch in Cannon Beach, and there final stop was Tillamock Cheese Factory for squeekie cheese, and ice cream. By Sunday night when we all got back home we were tired out, and so not ready to get back to reality.
The Worst part is knowing Brent and Randi will be leaving on Thursday.
I've really enjoyed having kids around again.