Tuesday, July 31, 2007

cooling off in Spokane

(July 30) Brent and Randi said there final goodbyes to there apartment. The place they have called home since they were married almost two years ago. I am sure they had mixed emotions for the move, yet excited for this new adventure. What a fun adventure it was for both Tony and I to help with the move to Spokane. Neither of us have ever traveled through Montana before, so to see signs of different cities that Anthony had served in on his mission really brought me back to those memories of his life. So much has happened since then. Different chapters of his life that I am in hopes that he can take us there to show us around like we had planned years ago. Beautiful country!

Tony had a great time one on one with Brent most of the trip, as I did also with Randi. We never ran out of things to talk about, and I enjoyed hearing more about her and Brent's goals. The last part of the trip Tony and I rode in the Budget truck, while the kids drove the car.

It was 10:00 pm when we arrived at Randi's parents home, making very good time since we left Rexburg at 1:00pm. Randi's folks had the downstairs beds all ready for us, as well as a tray with herbal tea & fruit to welcome us. I guess she heard that we stopped for dinner at Costco when we got gas for the vehicles. We really went all out. The main thing was that no one really wanted to slow down our pace, just stretch our legs a bit was all that was needed.

(July 31) After getting everything unpacked at Randi's aunt and uncle's home, which is where they will be living for awhile. They cooled off in there swimming pool having a great time playing with Randi's cousins daughters. I enjoyed sitting in the shade watching, as well as taking pictures, and Tony enjoyed the cool basement for a bit of a nap.

The last supper with Lila was fresh salmon and halibut that Randy caught last weekend in Alaska. Randy had his golf tourniment this evening, so we didn't get to see him or visit until late for a few minutes. It was well past his normal bed time. Tomorrow our journey will be back to Oregon.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ezekiel Blessing

I know Brent and Randi were in on the plan of having the baby blessed here in Rexburg, knowing we would want to be there, and then the convenience of having us help them move tomorrow. It was a great plan and we were very glad we got to be with all of them.
The married student ward seemed quite unusual to attend for us never attending such before. It was probably a little unusual for Peter and Jessica also to attend the first time and have Ezekiel blessed the same day.
After church we met for pictures on campus then for dinner. Even in the heat Ezekiel seemed to be pretty happy.
I'm going to miss having him closer to hold and kiss.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

On the Move

We began our journey with Peter and JoAnna to Rexburg on Friday July 27th after Tony got off work. Jessica and Ezekiel flew into Idaho Falls this morning for the move, much easier with a 5 week old baby. All and all the trip went very smooth and comfortable with Peter and Tony driving, and JoAnna and I in the back seat doing puzzles that JoAnna got me going on. I forget the name, but I know they interest many right now.

We arrived in Rexburg at 5:30 am, took a few hour nap, then went to Peter and Jessica's to help get them all moved in.. Randi of course was more than willing to help with Ezekiel, in fact Peter kept a close eye on her since she kept teasing that she would just pack him off to Spokane with her. JoAnna and I then borrowed the car to go get her things out of storage and get her moved in. I hope Peter, Jessica and she will be able to deal with living together. I do think it will be a good experience for JoAnna to have some nanny experience since she is in hopes still to go to Mexico next fall 2008 as a nanny, and to have the experience of communicating in Spanish full time.
The evening was a large gathering with Brent, Randi, Mike, Malyn, Bo, Krista, Peter, Jessica, JoAnna, and babies for Breakfast for dinner at Mike and Malyn's home next door to Peter and Jessica. They have there apartment set up so cute and seem so happy. It really makes me happy to see the blessings the gospel has brought to him. Even his parents ventured to see them over the 4th, and had a wonderful time.
Allot of healing has occured since they have been married. What a blessing.
It was a long busy day, and easy to call it a day.

Friday, July 27, 2007

JoAnna in Oregon

It was nice to have JoAnna home for a week, though I had to work full time that week so we didn't have much time together. Anymore I treasure any time I get with any of the kids. She did have some time with her friends by going to the beach one day, then another with Zack when he got in town hiking around Multnomah falls. The bad part was that after spending the day at the beach on the overcast day, she still got very burnt, so her final day with Zack was spent sick with sun poisening. He really felt bad not knowing quite what to do to make her feel better. He did assist Tony in giving her a blessing for a speedy recovery.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

what's up ?

Naomi and Michael had a fun time visiting the golden gate bridge in San Francisco last week after Michael took his test for Cisco. He will be retaking it the 9th of August, but this time going elsewhere instead of San Jose.

Anthony is involved with all kinds of heavy workouts, or training daily, however this weekend managed to get a cracked rib playing ultimate Frisbee with a few friends. Who would have thought? It will put him on the slow track for a little while. Hopefully it won't delay his ultimate goal. Chelsea and Ethan continue to be his greatest joy, especially now that Ethan is sleeping better at night, and in his own bed. All are sleeping better.

The hardest part of being a grandma is being so far away, but I truly love getting update pictures to watch how much he has grown. I can tell his little personality is in full bloom by the laughter he shows, or that I can hear when we talk on the phone. He truly is a doll, and very anxious to start running before his time. At three months he likes to stand up by the furniture, as did Anthony. I can see another high adventure boy ahead, watch out.

Brent and Randi are still planning to move on the first of August, so we have a journey ahead. I think they were a little disappointed that Randi didn't get the job in Rexburg, mainly for financial reasons, however they are excited to be closer to her family. In the mean time with this week of finals at the college, Brent took his test for his teaching certificate and passed the Social Studies portion. He will take the History part in September. "Great Job"

Rodney is still in a state of limbo. He is in hopes to go to school in September, however who knows. He does leave on the 1st of August for a couple of weeks for his Marine duty, which will be good for him to be doing something constructive with his time. The boy is still young, handsome and very single. Any ideas?

JoAnna will be coming home for a week on Thursday. She has been doing well on her finals, which pleases her and is especially excited that they are done this semester. Tomorrow she will get things packed up and in storage for the week she is gone, then move in with Peter and Jessica the end of the month. She also has been helping her dear friend Zach to prepare for his mission. His papers are in, and all awaits the calling, or should I say the envelope please? She will probably be here in Portland when he receives it.

Tony has been enjoying the heat, I on the other hand am tired of not getting a good nights sleep, or eating right due to the hot weather. I seem to be dragging more and more daily. The goal for me now is to think cold. I seem to do better in the cold, than in the hot. Who knows where Tony and I will end up in our retirement since we differ so much.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lake Merwin

It is amazing how when you get away from the routine of life, and out among this beautiful world that Heavenly Father created for us how much better you feel. The stress of life seems to disappear.

This past weekend Tony, I and my two counselors took seven of the young women to Lake Merwin for a fun bonding excursion. It was a great success. Our goal was to teach them various ways of cooking outdoors, watch cloud formations and recognize what they mean, create a more unified friendship among one another, star gaze, and have a great time. Thanks to the help of Cathy not only allowing us to camp out on there property, but she also was the one teaching the girls various was of cooking outdoors, other than just roasting hot dogs over the fire. We did enjoy roasting marshmallow, and making chocolate ├ęclairs. Besides that they made a breakfast quiche in the dutch oven, foil dinners over hot coals, and peach or blackberry cobbler in dutch ovens. Needless to say we ate well.

Friday night after we had camp set up, and dinner cleaned up we walked up the road to a large clearing to gaze at the stars, and in the dark Tony gave a great devotional on the stars, and the important role we all play in this vast world. I think each of us there felt a wonderful spirit.

Saturday was reserved to building one another. Each writing out positive qualities they recognize in one another, then giving there cards to one another for safe keeping to reflect back on. Several hours we went down to the lake, and the girls played in the lake going from the water trampoline to jumping off the deck that is out in the middle of the swim area. Amongst all the fun, the girls had there first experience of having a deer eat out of there hands. They were a little nervous at first, but soon seemed excited to experience this as well.

It was a bit hotter today compared to yesterday, but I think we noticed it more due to the humidity. But even still as we drove home at 7:00pm the closer we got to Portland the hotter it became. It would have been nice to stay at least through Sunday just to enjoy the relaxation, but it was also important to set a good example to the girls on the importance of the Sabbath. Anyway everyone had a wonderful time, and yes I was tired when I got home from another busy week, and counting to seven, but glad for the experience.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Nikki Haney reception

It has been a busy couple of days in preparation for Nikki Haney reception. It turned out to be just what she wanted, which made us all happy. She looked very beautiful in her gown, and I know her husband felt like the luckiest man alive. They both looked so happy.
It especially pleased me to see how well Mike allowed himself to enjoy this event, to make it special for the entire family. I know that there was a concern if he would take part in it, especially the daddy daughter dance, but he seemed to really enjoy the time as much as she did. Needless to say there were very few dry eyes as they danced to "I loved you first". About half way through Nikki's husband cut in, which left Mike to dance with Jann. I know he may make a joke about it later, but that moment was perfect.
Dave did the announcing of events throughout the night, which brought up another touching moment as he led the toast and good wishes to the happy couple.

I was just grateful to be there, as well as have Tony's support and help. We both enjoyed the spirit of the evening as the family rallied to do there part to make the evening magical for Nikki and Adam.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th of July

Tony and I started our holiday off early with a flag raising ceremony at the church and breakfast. It was a two ward combination for the program, however was open for anyone to come and enjoy.
I was really impressed with the drummer that played prior to the calling of the color guard. President Anderson then talked of the greatness of this nation and the many lives that were sacrificed so that we could enjoy our freedom. It was very touching.
Besides the breakfast the theme of the morning was "eat a pancake, give a pint" at the blood drive that was also held at the church. Both Tony and I did our part.
Peter, Jessica and Ezekiel came over this early evening for a visit, as you can see I am teaching him at a young age to be patriotic. By 5:00pm they headed back home for the fireworks, and we went up the hill to Marilyn and Dave's for BBQ ribs, and chicken dinner. The view is quite amazing from there back deck of the entire Happy Valley, as well as the park that puts on a very nice fireworks display.
It was a late night for all of us, since we all have work to do early in the morning. But we enjoyed the visit and the view.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I haven't taken the time to sit and write whats been going on this past couple of weeks. Its funny when Peter set this up he thought it would be perfect for me, or as he put it, this is something that I could figure out. Anyway it is a way to invite others to check out what the DeRoest's are up to.

Two weeks ago I went on the John Day River on a rafting trip with our youth for three days. We floated about 15 miles total, 5 miles a day. The weather was beautiful, and of course the youth have minds of there own when it comes to how much sun they should indulge in one day, so they all came home very red. I of course have already experienced being a youth and got sun poisoning several times, so chose not to go through that again. Everyone teased me for wearing my sun glasses, hat, and sun block. I did get some color, however not anywhere like they did. Sunday at church it was quite the sight to watch how slow they would be walking. That included the adult leaders that went also. I must say however, it was a very peaceful trip. It would have been perfect if Tony could have gone, and if I could have brought a more comfortable bed. I don't sleep on the ground as easy as I used to.

This past weekend Tony and I brought the 5th wheel to Long beach, Washington. We thought that Lonnie and Sandy were going to be at there place there, however they decided to head there Today the 3rd of July, then stay for the rest of the week. Its difficult when the 4th is right in the middle of the week. Anyway is was just the two of us, or three counting Belle. She just loved being with us. Tony golfed one day, so Belle and I went for a walk on the beach, which we all did each day. It also gave me a time to gather flyer's for possible activities, or locations to stay for the hopeful Allen family reunion next year at this time.
We left the 5th wheel there, so we can return again next month with Brent and Randi. It saves the gas toting it back and forth.

As far as the kids, Michael is taking a test this Friday in San Jose California, and Naomi will be going with him. Hopefully things will work out for them to visit Disneyland afterward. Michael has never been before. Anyway, we will be holding a family fast that he will do well on this test, so if you would like to join us, please feel free to do so. I know he would appreciate the extra prayers. They did have a great visit with Michael's family a couple of weekends ago. With them in Austin they don't get together very often.

Anthony and Chelsea just had there 1st year anniversary. They went away to a cabin in the desert for a relaxing couple of days. They seem to be doing great, and Ethan is growing healthy and strong. I appreciate the pictures that they send regularly since we are so far away. Its the only way we can stay connected.

Brent and Randi are near the end of there stay in Rexburg. Tony and I will be traveling with Peter to Rexburg the 27th of this month, so we will be there for Ezekiel's blessing on Sunday. It has been fun having Jessica, Peter and Ezekiel close by, but the time is almost here that they to need to move forward with there lives, which means away from us. On Monday morning the 30th we will pack up Brent and Randi's things and drive to Spokane. Tony in the U-haul with Brent, and I will be with Randi in there car. Tuesday we will unload, get then situated a bit, then the four of us will drive to Portland so they can enjoy a week vacation.

Rodney is at the coast working for Peter's sister at there beach house for this week for sure, maybe longer if she needs him. His other job fell through. They kept stringing him on for the past two months. He will be away doing his 3 weeks training at the end of the month, so he won't get to see the kids when they come.

JoAnna will be coming home for a week on the 19th, then going back with us on the 27th. Its a quick trip to spend time with her friends before they all go off to college.

Last night Tony and I went out to Gresham to see all the Dover family. They were having family pictures at the park, so I decided it would be a great time to see everyone, as well as take pictures of my own. What a wonderful family they have. I love seeing how they have grown closer and closer to one another. Of course they are blessed to have four of the five kids living very close to them, as well as three of the four grandchildren. What a blessing. Caven and Sara just got a boxer pup. She is 9 weeks, but very small, and I must say very cute at this stage.
I miss having family gatherings with extended family as well as immediate family.

Sandi will fly in tomorrow to help me with a wedding reception on Saturday night. It will be good to see her again.

Well now that I have written a book, I will close for now, and maybe figure out how to add pictures. That's always the best part.