Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flying High to Kisumu

After spending a couple days in Nairobi
it was time to fly to Kisumu to visit Winnie at her home. A time to meet the grand babies. Thank goodness it was only an hour flight for the girls sake since it was so soon after the long journey.

Once arriving at the airport we were meet with many young adorable on lookers. I'm sure they were surprised to see someone with such whte skin. We probably looked very odd to them. Savannah was so excited to see so many Friends. It was hard to contain her. I couldn't help seeing a longing in the eyes of each one for the opportunity to fly anywhere.

We were met by our driver that Michael had pre-arranged for while on our visit in Kisumu, which meant that he would be with us 24 hours a day until Saturday when it is time to return to the Airport.

Before driving all the way out to Winnie's property the first stop was to the Nakamat, (grocery store) to pick up some groceries. Then came the 2 hour drive, that seemed forever long since Lexi so wanted to get out of being confined, so she screamed the last hour. Nothing seemed to make her happy which broke all of our hearts. I think our driver was wondering if this job was really going to be worth the price he was being paid.

With it getting dark fast, and having some of the roads closed or rerouted Michael was having a difficult time finding the road we should turn off on. It wasn't as though there were land marks to watch out for. Things were few and far apart. In fact I had a hard time realizing we were in one town or another since each were so primitive. The main road was quite bumpy, but that didn't seem to slow anyone down from walking with a load on there heads, shoulders, backs, or bikes. In fact I think many slept on mats right by the road with a lean to for shelter. I attempted to take pictures along the way, however with the roads the pictures were just a blur.
What I saw was allot of people working very hard to survive, yet lives were so simplistic. I have so much to simplify my life, however with that comes allot of complications. It's really hard to explain, but very humbling to witness first hand.

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