Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Enjoying fall

How are things lately?
This last week has gone well even with some extra things added to our days. Ethan enjoyed a couple sweet Halloween packages (ok, we did too). He got to be outside with daddy for part of the yard overhaul.
On Sunday Anthony spoke in Sacrament & did a wonderful job. It was spiritual as well as funny--and emotional of course for those listening. I enjoyed teaching a primary class for the day. As I looked around there were only a few of us (and a ton of kids). Not knowing how many rows this class sat in, I thought I had anywhere from 5-10. I was surprised to have a few (a relief since they do so much better participating when there are less!).

Ethan & I had to pick up some things at the mall last Friday and saw fire safety shows/tours. He saw other kids & cool new things so we stopped of course. I convinced him to get in the fire engine with a group of kids. He was happy to, and leery once he realized I wasn't joining him. You can't tell from the picture but the area was full of a preschool class.

This morning we had awesome weather so we went to Mckey park. We've liked the other side with the bridges lately. Yesterday he & I went 'downtown' to register the car (and re-register the truck). We'd had expired tags for a while--oopsies. Can't say it crossed my mind these last 2 months w/ preparing for my hubby's return, going away as a fam a couple times & then getting back into 'normal life.' All is well, we're kept busy with our many responsibilities & work. We enjoy uninterrupted time together whenever we're able. We love & miss you,
Chelsea and fam

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday from your baby boys!

Happy Birthday Momma!!!
We hope you're enjoying a wonderful birthday. It's your day, so be sure to relax & do something to celebrate. We are grateful for your example, love, sacrifice & daily efforts. You are a great blessing to all around you. Enjoy these memories, past, present & those to come.
We love & miss you,
Anthony, Chelsea & Ethan

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our time away

This week we enjoyed some time away in FL. We were really anticipating being in the Temple together after so much time passing. We also wanted to see the sights & take Ethan to Sea World. Since we had gone last year (on the hottest day of the year by the way) we were much better prepared. Going with Ethan also makes you more aware of the details. He got to see stingrays, penguins, a few shows, and other exhibits. He came home with a turtle of course- Crush. The different pics with daddy are from the different shows. Each was impressive & the pirate show (sea lions) was hilarious. Very funny people & great entertainment for any crowd. That evening we went by the Temple and were (thankfully) hooked up with a sitter for the following day so we could go through together. Though I'd made calls the weeks leading up to this, nothing was working out as time got closer. Between the Temple President (one of Anthony's mission Presidents) & some local ward members, we were well covered. Whew. We told Ethan we were going to Jesus' house. When we pulled into the gate he said "We're home! We're home!" What a cute, sweet, smart little boy...if I do say so myself.
Since our trip we've unloaded, unpacked & taken care of typical things at home & out.
Have a safe & happy week. Love, Chelsea & fam