Sunday, January 13, 2008

A new chapter

Yes its a new chapter in our lives as all the kids go back home and set out with new ideals ahead of them.
Tony and I were able to get all of the Christmas things down and put away this weekend, thus getting the house cleaned, dusted, vacuumed and looking back to normal. Though it is a difficult time of transition for me since I love the decorations, I also love order.
I also spent time of reflection from the past month with business of family, which makes me smile. What wonderful thoughts and memories they have created for me, but those that will forever be instilled in my mind are the simple acts of appreciation they showed to me by appearing at my work with a bouquet of flowers, and notes attached. Not all were able to make it, but I truly felt the love from each of the kids. A simple pick me up that I needed in my meltdown moment.
As you can see that even after two weeks, the flowers are still brightening my days.
I must say there is no greater joy than being a parent, but as the children marry, and have children of there own, the joy is amazing. How very grateful I am that each are well on the road of accomplishing set goals and adventures in there lives. The Lord continues to bless us all.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year's ! !

After a busy day of work, and being very pleasantly surprised by four of the kids with flowers to brighten my day, I came home to dinner prepared for our tradition New Years dinner that we had on New Years Eve. A time to reflect on the past year, and look forward to the upcoming years events. Sad to say no one had yet set any goals for this year of 2008, which included myself. I have allot to get done and prepare for.
The evening was spent up at the Morse home with food and the farkle game, or as we all know it as the dice game. Rodney and Lauren went to Matt's for movies & munchies. JoAnna stayed with us for awhile, then went to the Dover's to spend the night with Cameo. The rest of us "party animals" did all we could to stay awake. Even Ethan seemed to do better than some of us. He lasted until 11:00pm, and the other baby there was bright eyed at midnight. Thank goodness today was a day off to sleep in and relax. I never even felt a need to get dressed for the day. Sometimes I think it is good to just do nothing, and that is what I did.