Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Blessings

The family is changing, thus is our traditions.

This was the last year of our family pajamas since the group is getting so large, and everyone is now married and can carry on what traditions they desire.
It was allot of fun having JoAnna and Zack with us for both Christmas Eve at the Dover's
then reading the story of our Savior birth,
and Christmas here at the house.
Tony and I got up at 8:00 am when Rodney called to wish us Merry Christmas. After a nice visit with him we made the rest of the call to the other kids, and grand-kids. We even received a call from Anthony across the World. I love hearing the voice of each of the kids, and knowing they are healthy, happy and safe. JoAnna and Zack got up around 10:30 am in time for biscuits and gravy. Zacks request. It turned out tasty. Then we had them open there gifts. It was fun to watch them with such excitement. I even got my stocking filled this year. I must have been good this year. Come 2:00 Tony, JoAnna, and Zack decided to lay down for a nap, so I went to visit Mother, Pops, and Dorthy (Nancy DeRoest's mom) at Cascade Terrace. Pops was still reflecting on how much fun they had for Christmas Eve. Lasting memories for me.
We invited Marilyn and Dave Morse over for dinner. Sorry, I didn't take pictures. It was a lovely evening of visiting and I must say very relaxing. I did miss the magic of Christmas through the eyes of a child however, so I thought of each of our grandchildren and imagined the great joy they must be experiencing.
Hope all had a wonderful Christ centered Season as well now, and the whole year through.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve at the Dovers

Cathy and Mikel invited us to their house
Christmas Eve; along with JoAnna and Zack, Ron, Pam, and Ian, and Mother and Pops.
What a great time we all had. I think the most exciting about the evening was that Pops was so alert and with it. Almost like years past. Both he and mother were so appreciative of the time we were all together. They said it was one of there favorite years.
Cathy and Mikel went all out, with dinner, decorations, and treats.

We picked up Mother and Pops from Cascade Terrace around 4 o clock and headed out.Driving by lighted houses, we slowed down to enjoy the adventure. On the way back we saw some homes that were really decked out so we had to get pictures.

By the end of the night they were tired, but wanted to share the adventures with the assistants at Cascade Terrace.
We left them with Merry Christmas hugs for all, and well wishes.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas cookies

For Family Home evening tonight we invited Teira & Ben Nicholes with there two children over. They brought in Pizza for dinner, and we furnished the cookies with hot chocolate.

Of course the fun part was that everyone decorated the cookies to their own liking. Some were decorated very simple, and others overload with lots of sprinkles.

Then came the tasting.

When the creative decorating was done, they enjoyed taking a plate of cookies home to share with grama and grampa.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Yeah water!

After much hard work and determination the water line finally got put in and finished. Or should I say got replaced and covered? We still need to add more dirt & gravel in the trenches now that the rain has settled the ground. At least the worry of things freezing or breaking has diminished.

The project started with the assistance of the
Bird boys, but after struggling to get the front part done, they discovered it was much too difficult and dangerous to try to do the underground drilling around the underground electrical line. So the back half was dug up with a back hoe or hard labor.
Both of which took time in preferably daylight hours. (Which was tricky since it gets dark so early, and by the time Tony and Zack were off work it was very dark.) Tony had to take a few days off of work, as did Zack. Thank goodness Zack was around to lend his muscles since Tony's were very tired out at the end of the day.
Once Tony allowed some more help to come in for the final fill, it only took about 20 minutes. What a blessing it is that there are so many willing to lend a helping hand when needed. Its our responsibility to not deny others the blessing of service.
Thank you Brandon, Ryan & Scott Bird for your expertise, and the use of your equipment. As well as the missionaries, and Hod Donkin, we really do appreciate it!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mmmm.. Grama Fudge

Friday night Tony and I went to visit mom for taking showers, laundry, games, and helping her to make her fudge.
The showers & laundry due to once again having a water line broken at our home, and it was to dark to work any more on fixing it,
and the help with the fudge was not just in eating it.
I know that was what you all were thinking, but she has a hard time stirring the chocolate to get it all mixed, so that is where she needs Tony's muscles.
Mom was the first to try out the results by licking the spoon, then the two of us followed. Yes, it is mighty tasty.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Bath time fun!

Part of the daily routine for the boys is at about 7:00 pm. Parker has his bath, then Ethan follows. It is such an energizing time, then comes the calm. Parker usually has both legs kicking, arms waving, and plenty to talk about. Ethan on the other hand really isn't excited about having his hair washed, but loves to play with all of his toys that share the tub with him. We had many water wars with the squirt y toys, and of course I was the loser, since he was in the tub, and I was on the outside getting wet.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Mother & Pops 69th year

Monday the 29th of November Mother & Pops celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary, so we got brave and weathered the storm to take them our for dinner at the Chinese Restaurant around the corner from Cascade Terrace.
Zack came straight from work so really dressed up for the occasion. We were just glad he could make it since this is his favorite Chinese restaurant.

Mother had just got her hair done, so looked really nice and was so excited to have an outing.
I'm not sure Pops ever realized where we were, however after having all his meat ground up for the past 5 months he sure enjoyed the BBQ Pork.
Nothing else was eaten until all the meat was gone. I think we all were entertained watching him enjoy his meat dipped in red sauce and when that was gone he went onto the HOT mustard without showing any reaction, then moved onto the rest of his meal.

I was glad that Cathy was feeling well enough from her cold to join us for dinner, however we missed having Ron, Pam, & Ian come who last minute had health issues of there own.

Even though it was cold and wet, my mother in law decided to go with us to show her support to mother and Pops.
After a couple hours away I think they both were grateful to be back in their warm room for the night, and hopefully feeling very loved.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Park and Play time with Ethan

Needless to say with a new baby in the house a momma needs to rest when ever possible, which usually will end up about mid day. This gave me time to spend with Ethan either driving to a park for a picnic lunch, then play time with all of is new found best friends, or playing outside with big wheels, cars, playing ball, hide and seek, swinging on the tire swing in the back yard, or going for a walk up the street. Usually a couple hours or more of fun and adventure. Some days Ethan came away pretty tired out, and other days he tired me out.

Other times he would entertain himself by creating a maze with his books, puppet shows with finger puppets, building a house with all the pillows he can gather, or of course watching his favorite shows on T.V. He is one very busy little boy.