Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pioneer Day

My day began by donating blood first thing in the morning. I wanted to have the opportunity once more before I left the country next month. (Because of going to Africa, I will need to wait a year before donating again.)

Pioneer Day is always the 24th of July, and as a member of the Latter Day Saint church it is acknowledged each year to show appreciation to all those Pioneer forefathers that crossed the plains with handcarts or covered wagons to seek out a place for religious refuge.

This year it was 95 degrees here in Portland, Oregon and as I stood over a hot stove canning apple sauce, my thoughts were turned to the pioneers and the hardships they must have gone through just on a day to day living,

How very blessed I am to be in these times to not only enjoy great freedoms, but also to have electricity to accomplish my goal with little complications. Now it would have been even better had we had air conditioning, but considering all it stayed pretty cool. I did feel a bit overwhelmed trying to accomplish this goal by myself. In the past I had at least one of the kids around to help. A couple of years ago both JoAnna and Tony helped. It went so smoothly, but this time I had to call Tony in a panic to rescue me.

How grateful I am for his assistance even for the few hours. Things just run so much smoother with extra hands.

About 4:00pm Tony and I took a break

and went to the Church picnic for dinner.

We met with Marilyn and Dave,

as you can tell Marilyn and I have to put up with a lot with these two special men.

Tony and Dave then went golfing, the game that seems to draw many of the family together.

Marilyn and I went our separate ways, back to our homes.

And then I worked until 10:00 pm to complete my task at hand - which included the clean up, but what a wonderful feeling of satisfaction to look upon 64 jars of yummy applesauce to enjoy through the year. Hopefully the college kids with enjoy our efforts.

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