Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby baptism

Within our family we represent many different faiths or beliefs, which makes us diversified at times but united in having a love for our Savior and for family.

Sunday Tony and I were able to attend the baptism of Paxton Michael DeRoest, which is the 3rd son of our nephew Bobby & Natessa DeRoest. It was so cute to see their sweet little family gathered together, and have many family members together on both sides of their family show support.

Tony & I were impressed with the warm welcome of the church members.
After the service the family gathered for a luncheon held there at the church activity room, which allowed all to visit and enjoy watching the little ones.

I am very proud of the love and unity that Bobby and Natessa share with one another, as well as with the 3 boys, who represent such love.

Before they left for home the boys got to go over at Great Grandma's to experience a bit of a farm where she has a baby bull that comes now and then due to the mother cow was unable to nurse, so Mike and Kathy feed it with a bottle, but they also need to work. Hopefully for them they won't need to do this much longer. It has been quite fun for mom however I think. Such a novelty that most don't experience, and I think it has brought back some memories of the farm in Baker, Oregon.


Today we had an early lunch before heading out the door. Thankfully (and just in time) we got a call from Anthony! I'm glad he caught us because each contact from him is unexpected & at different times.
He is in his second area since leaving the initial base. He got to see Laura's uncle on Sunday at church. (They met when we were at the Orlando Temple-Laura's one of my past roommates). He sounds good & says he won't have the internet for about a month. He enjoys thinking of future reasons to call though. (: Like when they actually have an address so I can send things.
I guess the calls have worked out so far. (As in, I have plenty to fill him in on & he can't say much about what his days are like). Ethan smiled from ear to ear when he heard daddy's voice. He talks about him throughout each day & is happy to watch videos or see pictures. Every airplane he sees, or hears, is daddy. Along with trees that remind him of the old one he & Anthony would climb.
Ethan knows his surroundings well. For months as we drive toward the base he'll say 'daddy' & 'buh-bump' (huge speed bumps). He's know the church neighborhood for at least that long as well & will say 'babies' since he loves the nursery. And, sadly, yes as we pass Taco bell now he'll say taco. Hard to believe he's about to turn two!
We love you

Saturday, March 28, 2009

phone call!

Hello again,
I didn't think I'd have an update this soon, neither did Anthony. It's been chaotic with his traveling & being so off schedule in a new time zone. Their move to a new area was going to happen a couple of days earlier & was later delayed. (Always the case eh? hurry up & wait) He compares his current area to all of Portland being put on a base. Sounds a bit claustrophobic to me..but it's the most comfortable (real beds, solid structure, hot meals etc).

As for things here..I've been watching our weather half the day. It's been a bit scary with tornado watches & flash flood warnings. If I didn't see the weather channel I'd think it was our typical nasty southern storm. At times I think ignorance might really be bliss (: but ultimately..I'd rather be prepared! No surprises. Between that, no water pressure & a fun time with my back the planned projects didn't happen today. We were productive & got out earlier.. & have tried to not feel any cabin fever this evening.
Have a happy day

He made it!

I wanted to say that I received an email reply from my boy. Anthony had 5 days of traveling..a couple of long stops en route. We should get to talk for the first time (some time) today.
I'm glad he's safe & doing well, though it does sound ironic given the circumstances. He is incredibly tired after the crazy journey. I will keep you in the loop as we are able to communicate. I'm sure a lot will be vague & discreet on both our parts.
As you'll see the pics are old, but I thought they'd be fun to share. It's amazing how young Ethan looks just a year ago. Guess I could say the same for myself. haha

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Changes in life

No, I am not talking about the changes I am going through due to my age. I am referring to changes that have occurred with my children, and how it helps us to grow in areas that we sometimes didn't know we could, or even wanted to for that matter.

JoAnna has been soul searching as she put it while away at college in Idaho, trying to get some insight on her future. She is planning to spend the Fall in Arizona helping Brent & Randi with Brennalyn which she is looking forward to.

Rodney & Lauren are also at BYU Idaho for school, but Rodney is trying to get switched to a closer unit of the Marines so he doesn't have to come back and forth here to Portland each month, not only for the expense, but the time since he has to miss classes. He has been getting very frustrated with the system because it isn't working at the speed he wants it to.

Brent & Randi in Arizona were really surprised that Brennalyn made her appearance three weeks early on the 22nd, so they had to scurry to get lesson plans set up for a substitute teacher, or in Randi's case plan things for the rest of the year with a sub. They are however loving this sweet little angel in their home, which now makes them truly a family.

Anthony, Chelsea & Ethan are dealing with the change of having Anthony's deployment moved up a week, so he left for Afghanistan last Monday the 23rd. Which leaves Chelsea & Ethan to hold down the fort at home in Georgia until sometime in August.
He has spent these past three years preparing for this, but I don't think it is ever easy to deal with a separation from the family. Extra prayers on their behalf would be appreciated.

Naomi, Michael & Savannah are enjoying the Texas sun with a one year old cutie, preparing for an adventure to London, and Awaiting another little girl in July. Michael's recent change is that he is working mainly from home, and as of the end of February Naomi has retired from her job, to a full time job of being a wife and mommy. This job is demanding, but also very rewarding & the purpose we are here on this earth. All of which brings much JOY and satisfaction.

Tony & I are still here in Portland doing our best to be patient in between visits to see our kids. We have been enjoying our time together as well. My most recent change was with my calling at church. I am now dealing with the Relief Society sisters again as 2nd counselor, which was quite a relief to me not to be called as president again.

I guess as I get older I not only appreciate things more, but I am not as quick to accept change, so I have more melt down times. I know that I am abundantly blessed, but having my children all so far away and apart makes it very difficult at times to be able to help build, support, and hug when changes come. I am sure they don't need it nearly as much as I do. In the mean time my sweet hubby of almost 34 years puts up with me. That in itself is a blessing.

I don't want to forget what a blessing my co-workers are to me. We are all in the same age bracket, so many of the changes we are going through are similar. They have been a great support to me at work, especially this week to laugh with, or cry with. Over the years we have worked together through accidents, surgeries, death, and many adventures. It is very nice to know that we have family outside of family for extra love and support. Thank you to all !!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Brennalyn's arrival

Today Sunday, March 22nd, 2009 marks another important day in our family because Brennalyn Paige DeRoest decided to make her appearance a few weeks early, whether her parents were ready or not.
Randi called us yesterday morning to tell us that she was awake all night Friday to Saturday having contractions, so they were on the way to the hospital, but didn't feel like this was the real thing. As they arrived at the hospital of course the contractions stopped. Oh surprise! Randi got checked anyway to find out she was dilated at a one so they went back home. This morning Brent called again to ask if there was anything that Randi could take that would help with her pain and wouldn't hurt the baby. (She had been experiencing contractions through the night again and felt like she was just being a wimp with what she thought were braxton hicks.)
I could tell that Brent was feeling a bit frazzled as well not getting sleep, but more so that he couldn't help his sweetheart to ease her discomfort. I told him to call the hospital to check with them, which they said she would need to go to the hospital to get meds. Randi just didn't want to go and find out that she needed to be tougher. However, when she arrived she not only was 100 percent effaced, but was dilated to a 5. Bless her heart, all that discomfort was not in vain as she had thought.
Tonight at 5:41pm Randi delivered Brennalyn, weighing 6 lbs 3 oz, and 17" tall. She is beautiful according to her pictures posted on Brent and Randi's blog! Now I need to be patient until the 7th of April when I will make the trip to visit, so my pictures will come later... Until then please cross over to Brent and Randi's blog for updates & pictures.
Congratulations to the healthy and happy family. We are so proud of all of you and can't wait to meet the newest DeRoest.

It is so wonderful as a mother to know that now three of our children have experienced the greatest miracle and joy that could ever be. Watching and experiencing the miracle of childbirth, and being parents. There is no greater joy, and they have continued to bring both Tony and I all the more joy and excitement with three grandchildren and a fourth on the way. My heart is so very full.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Savannah's 1st Birthday !!

Our little Savannah is now one year old and trying to walk in her daddy's footsteps already. I guess she feels a need to grow up fast to prepare for being a big sister in July.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

On the countdown

I only have a few more weeks before I leave for Arizona in hopes of being present when our new little granddaughter Brennalyn is born to Brent & Randi. Randi's due date is on the 10th of April, and of course being a school teacher she will be very punctual, or at least I am hoping that's the case. I will really feel bad if I miss the grand event. It will give me a chance to help get things prepared as much as I am needed.

We received the news from Naomi & Michael yesterday that Savannah is going to have a baby sister the end of July, which will only put the two girls 16 months apart. They were excited to think that she could have a playmate and friend to share this life with. Its hard to believe that one year ago tomorrow that Savannah made her grand appearance. The time is going by so fast.

Tony and I feel so very blessed knowing the Lord continues to bless us with these special little spirits that bring such joy to the family. The rewards are immeasurable. I wish the four cousins would have the opportunity to grow up living closer together since they are so close in age, however that just means that we all need to make more of an effort to schedule family time, besides weddings, since we are almost done with those.