Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekend at Klickatat Washington

Last weekend we took mom with us to the Roley's home in Klickatat, Washington

to help them out by picking the blackberries and a few peaches.

It was the easiest pick I have ever experienced since they were thorn-less bushes, and wow were they beautiful to look at, as well as eat.

Most of the peaches were not quite ready this time, but I'm sure this weekend will be busy for their family with all the produce ripe and ready.

It was a very early morning to get up and out of here by 5:00am so we could be there by 7:00. It reminded me of my berry picking days as a child, but with a much better attitude now. What a beautiful morning it was, as well as the entire day.

Their home is right on the Klickatat river, and this serene spot both Tony and I enjoyed was also a favorite of dad DeRoest when he would visit.

In fact, he was content to sit in a drift boat tied to the tree or sit on this bench and fish all day.

At one point when mom was resting in the house, Tony was out visiting with the neighbors,

and I enjoyed taking pictures of the scenery around me, which included several hummingbirds flying around the feeders.

What a wonderful time we all had, but I most enjoyed the time we had together.

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