Sunday, May 13, 2012

The best Mother's day gift

Checking out the squadron
Snuggling before going to get daddy
Waiting for the bus with signs in hand

I know my mom is thinking 'does this kid ever wear shoes??'  When we pulled up we saw the bus on its way to get the group.  We panicked thinking they were arriving..after grabbing kids, camera & our welcome items we decided 'screw the shoes!"

C'mon bus

Oh happy day!!!
A great reunion indeed!  While juggling so many heavy bags--following a long travel--my hubby is still smiling & anxious to greet us.  Ethan rushed to the bus doors as soon as they popped open.  (I apologize--while fixing red-eye it altered my hubby's an odd tint will have to do..)

A tired boy, but content & happy greeting his dad.  Later both boys were running in circles with chem. lights..
 (Same thing happened here causing my clown make-up)  Thrilled to be together at last. We have all been so watched over & blessed with a great support system.  Happy Mother's day!!  This is my best yet I'd have to say.  I will take my hubby at home, assisting where he can (& maybe even sleeping in with breakfast) over jewelry any day.  He's been at work a bit each day --and had to leave this afternoon for tomorrow's training--but has been so great with jumping in with burning debris to activities as a family & even pressuring washing.  I love my boy & am so glad our family's united again.  Love & hugs to you all. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fun In the Sun

The weather in Phoenix seemed to me to be perfect in the 80' range.  Not to hot, or cold.  
Tony would gather towels for everyone first thing so we would be prepared when we got out since it always seemed a big chilly when we were wet.  
   One day we managed to go swimming twice to play games or relax, and the girls never tired of the water which was so much fun for both Tony and I.
Brenna used a foam noodle to hang on to while kicking and playing in the water,  
but even more fun was when she would blow into the end, or have grampa D. blow into the center hole as she would point in at his face, so the water inside the noodle would spray him or whomever in the face. That game never got old to her. She would laugh over and over again.
 Another game she love was to have grampa swim under the water and pop up somewhere else.  She would watch so carefully to figure where he would come up, then giggle some more.
There were times we all would take a turn to relax, read, or sit out to take pictures, then get back into the pool to play more.
Harlow loved being in the water in her blow up starfish.  
 When she got tired she would lay her head on the starfish and just watch the rest of us.
 Never did she seem to object.  

The girls big smiles were always a  highlight, and would brighten our days.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Very Proud moment

Last December Rodney, Lauren, and JoAnna graduated with there Bachelor degree at BYU Idaho, however chose not to walk at the ceremony, so we received these fun pictures of there accomplishment.  
It was a grand day for all of them knowing the hard work they put forth had paid off, 
and was complete at this point.

This past weekend Tony and I flew to Phoenix Arizona for Brent's big day.
On Friday the 4th of May he graduated at Grand Canyon University with his Master's in Educational Administration.  He has spent the past couple years working full time as the History teacher at
 Fort Huachuca Middle school, then coaching either track or cross country.  
The evenings were reserved for family, and homework as he took all of his classes online for his Masters degree.

So much sacrificing and dedication has been established by not only Brent, but also Randi and the girls in order to reach this great goal.  Now they can once again enjoy family time. 
Initially Brent asked if we would come to his graduation if he decided to walk, which I assured him we wouldn't miss it. When it came down to this actual event we could all tell how excited he was to put on his cap, gown, and special ribbons for  Graduating with Honors, as well as Masters.  I feel he wore both very proudly, as he should.
Throughout the evening people would request a message to be displayed on the reader board in the auditorium for individual graduates.  Though I never was able to capture a picture of the one Randi sent,
 I was able to capture this one that certainly applied.

So many smiles were shared as the evening progressed.                                    It truly was an evening of celebration.
Snacks were a must to entertain for two hours during the ceremony.As well as a camera to capture other treasured moments. Mama and daughter bonding time.
Pucker up sweetheart!!!

We had such a wonderful time, and felt such a huge amount of joy witnessing this grand event.

Play time with grama D.

I enjoyed my one-on-one time with the girls on several occasions.
But when Naomi, Isaiah & Michael drove to San Antonio to purchase their new car, I got to spend the day shopping, going to the park, getting a Windy's frosty, and for dinner having the girls make their own personal pepperoni pizza's.
Of course they thought that was soo much fun, and wasted no time eating them up.

When dinner was over it was time for pj's, teeth brushing and stories.
 Then the Princesses could climb into their beds for sweet dreams.