Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bouncing boys & bonding brothers

Ethan & Parker continue (for the most part) to enjoy their time together. It's fun to watch them interact & just be boys. In a little over 5 weeks Ethan will be at preschool each day. I hope it's a smooth transition & a new chapter that we'll each enjoy. It will be a change that's for sure. He'll be able to make more friends and I look forward to needing to find sitters less often. (At least I'll only need one watched when those instances arise). Not to mention, shopping, or going anywhere, with just one child sounds ga-lor-ious--done in a singing voice. I will miss my little buddy but am glad I'll have his brother's company for a while.

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

This year for the 4th of July Tony and I spent it serving others. First in preparing both Tina and Claire to dress and enjoy the Rodeo which they went with Zeke, and a couple young boys that are also here visiting from Taiwan. They both loved dressing up a bit, and greeted Zeke with a "Yahoo" as they opened the door.

After many attempts of taking a picture of the four of us, with no luck, we settled with separate pictures with the girls.

Mollala Roundup. Both the girls had mixed emotions watching the clowns, and the bull riders. They felt part was very cruel to the bulls, and the others were crazy. I tend to agree. They did enjoy the horses per session.

After the rodeo they enjoyed a BBQ, and bonfire at Zeke's parents in Oregon City.
Tony and I attended a Veterans appreciation BBQ at the Happy Valley Church building pavilion. It was sponsored by our ward, but was a time that we could serve the Veterans, and show appreciation for the service they rendered for us. It was a very fun, yet full day in the sun. By evening we were all ready to call it a day, especially knowing Tuesday was a school & work day.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Family additions for the summer.

On Monday June 20 Tony and I received a phone call in need of finding a home for these two girls from Taiwan, for just a few days. They were to arrive on Tuesday the 21st, so the coordinator was in a hurry to find somewhere temporary for them. However the home they were to go to on Saturday had a change of circumstance, so we decided to have them stay with us until Sept. 29th.
Meet Yang Ssu Hsin (Claire, chosen American name) on the right, and Chen Ting Hung (Tina) on the left. We found after just a very short time, we have truly enjoyed there since of humor, willingness to learn, and dedication to speaking English while here in America; and they do it quite well I might add.
I think one thing we love about them both, is the fascination with the beauty around us, that we tend to take advantage of.
On the first sunny day, a couple days after there arrival, they noticed the roses in the back yard, so we went outside to pick some, but also to take pictures. Tina took many pictures, and has quite a talent for capturing its beauty.They have already enjoyed several outings with the coordinator, and we have many planned with them as well, so they can gain the most from this experience.

Rocky Butte was the setting for these pictures. Zeke Smith (the coordinator) was showing them the fort that existed in Northeast Portland long ago.

The Vista House allows a beautiful landscape of the Columbia River.
And Multnomah Falls is one of the great places to bring those visiting here in Oregon. I think the girls enjoyed it very much. They didn't however want to hike all the way to the top.