Wednesday, October 31, 2007

1st Halloween for some!

This was just too cute not to post for everyone that is interested to see. I hope all the family will check it out. These are the gremlins I enjoy seeing on this holiday. I of course need to add the picture of my baby, almost 19 dressed up this year with Zack who is off for his mission in 2 weeks. He is having his last hurrah before leaving, then his focus will be serving the Lord.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Babies grow so fast

We don't like being so far from Ethan, but are so very grateful that we can get update photo's weekly. It is a big responsibility for Chelsea or Anthony, but one that I know we appreciate very much, as I am sure Chelsea's folks do as well. I am on the count down now to go to Albuquerque the 19th of December and enjoy the few days we have with all the loving we can get and give. We have other exciting things to look forward to also on that trip as well. My problem is as fast as time is speeding by, I need to get things organized for the holidays so I can truly enjoy them rather than be stressed out as Tony puts it.
We are also looking forward to seeing Ezekiel during the holidays. He is already 4 months and growing so fast. I finally got pictures from Peter and Jessica of him. It is nice that they have updated their blog so I can go on and see the pictures and video's. It has been good for JoAnna to be there with them. She is really enjoying Ezekiel.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Las Vegas and back

We had a very successful adventure it and from Las Vegas as a office staff, including Dr. King's wife Cynthia. Everyone got along so well, which made it very enjoyable. As far as taking it or leaving it, I'll leave it. I really don't have a desire to ever go back. To much busts and bottoms for me. The total lack of anything sacred. With me being the young womens president, of course I especially noticed all the young girls that had no moral standards at all, and felt that what they were doing with there lives were all ok. It really broke my heart. If only they knew who they really are, and what they could become.
Of course I am going to make the best of any situation by taking pictures. Its all about the pictures right? I can"t say they turned out very good however. My camera was acting up. I took pictures that made us appear as though we were in New York, Paris, Greece, Italy, and then those that were pretty settings of trees and waterfalls.
The Dr. really treated us all very well while we were there by taking care of all of our expenses. We went to one show on Friday night,"Cirque Du Soleil O" at the Bellagio hotel that was quite amazing to see the talent. The show itself had no plot, but was impressive. After the show we went to dinner at Emeril's. That turned out to be a very expensive dinner, that was not worth it at all. Some thought it was quite the experience just to be there. I guess I don't hold things quite as high. Live and learn I guess.
After spending three days away from home, Saturday night when we flew in was a welcome sight to be back in Oregon, but to be back home in my own bed without all the noises in the background from the Casino was the best.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A new look

Believe it or not, I was chosen to be Barbie for the
Stake video roadshow that will be held on Nov. 16th. Each ward is to present some type of video that portrays a moral message. Talk about corny, the entire show is very corny, but has been allot of fun for the youth. They have spent hours at a television station learning how to work the equipment prior to even starting this video. It has been a great way of building unity within the youth and leaders.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blessings of Service

This past week Tony and I have truly enjoyed the blessings of service. There is never time to feel sorry for yourself or feel sad because the joy of helping someone in need brings such a joy and satisfaction. I understand more and more each day as I pray for guidance to recognize someone in need to help, why the Lord tell us to "Love and Serve others".
It was allot of fun having friends in our home, but even more fun knowing that everyone could pull off such a surprise for Joe and Jami Kelly in celebration of there 25th wedding anniversary. With there daughter Jennifer getting married on Saturday the 13th, that left little time to focus on there celebration on the 9th, so we had them over for dinner, and invited family and friends to come after for dessert. Everyone seemed to have allot of fun. Jaylin had such a great time with both Belle, and Brio. I think Belle would have lovingly gone home with him.
On Wednesday the 10th Joe and Jami found out there son Jaylin needed to have an emergency surgery on his hip Thursday. He had the surgery in August, however it had failed and he was in allot of pain. This meant that there time would really be torn for wedding preparations, and staying with Jaylin. Friday we got to help with flowers, food, and decorating, then Saturday Tony stayed at the hospital so the family could enjoy the sealing and pictures. The hardest part was knowing Jaylin couldn't be at the temple afterward for family pictures. I know that broke all the family's hearts.
The reception was a great success. It was a full house the entire night. Come Sunday both Tony and I relaxed at moms, and didn't hesitate to get to bed at a earlier time in preparation for this weeks events.
Peter stopped in for a couple nights, but he to didn't have any spare time to do much visiting. It was good to have the time we did however.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

50 years and still going

I've had a very eventful past couple of days celebrating my big 50th birthday with the work crew. They surprised me with decorations, cheesecake and a crown for me to wear in the morning yesterday, then blindfolded me and took me to lunch at a new restaurant on 41st and Sandy that Mark Lindsey bought to put his memorabilia in. Needless to say with a name of "Rock and Roll Cafe" It has a 50's theme, including a Soda Fountain.
The amazing thing was the Dr. closed down the office for 3 hours to celebrate. That has never happened before.
Today since it was my actual birthday they decided I needed to wear my crown again for the day.
It has been allot of fun, and made me feel very special to have heard from so many, and felt such love. I know that I am very richly blessed to have such a wonderful family, and friends.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Special birthday wishes to Mom on this her big 50!
We love you and are celebrating with you from Austin. :)
Love you forever, Naomi & Michael

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

JoAnna's visit

It was a short visit, but one that we enjoyed having JoAnna come home if only for a few days. Of course I jokingly say that she came home to see me prior to my Birthday, and to watch conference with us like old times, however the real reason was to see Zack, and travel back with he and his family to Rexburg. It was really nice to enjoy the time we did have as a family. Small as it is these days. While she was here she had her hair permed for a new look. Cute as ever.

Monday, October 1, 2007

end of summer

I feel like we are officially done with the summer and onto Fall. There seems to be a chill that is hard to get rid of right to the bone. Last weekend Rodney, Tony and I went to Ocean Park Washington to get our 5th wheel and bring it home and ready it for the upcoming weather. It was really nice to be able to leave it at Lonnie and Sandi's for the summer, and felt bad that they weren't at the beach when we went to pick it up. It was there off weekend. I know I was disappointed, but so was Rodney, he has a hard time just sitting still, so ended up leaving for home on Saturday. At least we had his attention for 24 hours. Enough time to visit, play games, & go to the beach. I must say I felt the chill at that time, so had a hard time really wanting to stay that last night, but knowing it would be a while before having the time to go back, we took advantage of it. I know Belle really loves the beach excursions, not necessarily the water itself since its so salty, but she really just enjoys to time away. Its good for us all.