Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A very peaceful abode

I can see why Winnie loves the serene peacefulness of her home on the lake. It had such a pleasant breeze in the early evening, and the beauty of the trees, with the Lake in the background is beautiful.

I loved sitting outside the house visiting, or watching the rustling of the trees.

Of course if we sat outside that meant we could be swinging with the girls on our laps, or so they thought. That would keep all busy and happy.

The girls had such a fascination with the cows, and didn't hesitate trying to get closer and closer. We were the ones hesitant not knowing what they might do, it was a forever watch.

Many daily walks at the property to be closer to the lake seemed to be another form of entertainment. It was so adorable to see Michael with his two little ones going for there walk.
Or grama D. or Naomi enjoying our precious time.

Naomi made everyone feel like movie stars by taking lots of pictures. Some times I could actually capture some of her without the camera, but having fun with her family.
After taking a walk down to the Lake, I often just stopped to visit with some of the family. I never did see the Hippo's. I guess they were all camera shy.
Cuddle time was always a favorite, and time that was always treasured.

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