Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Terrific Daddy and Hubby

When I arrived in Texas I felt it was not only for my own personal pleasure, but to help and relieve Michael of some of his duties at home since Naomi was unable to do very much.
But what I found was he could juggle just about anything without too much trouble. I learned to just help where I could, but try to stay out of the way of his routine.
I loved to watch his interaction with the girls. Whether it was dancing with them, letting them play doctor - with him being the patient,
being a human jungle gym,
teaching them to spell, add, read, or draw.
He would ask them questions that made them think.
What I most enjoyed was to watch him calm a situation down without losing his temper, or gather the family for scripture time and prayer each night, then tucking them in bed.
Isaiah also had his special time.
Usually it was at night when the girls were down in bed. Maybe that was because either Naomi, or I were holding or loving him during the day, but in the evening he would have his special time. I could see in his eyes how excited he was to have a son - he would sit and just look at him with fascination.
He was so good to recognize when Naomi was feeling overwhelmed and he would step in to assist where needed.
Even if that meant during the day while he was working.
I found that I really was not needed on my visit, but so appreciated the opportunity to help in anyway that I could. Michael thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.
We love you so much for providing so comfortably for Naomi and your family. The two of you work well with one another and have so many blessings in your lives to be grateful for.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Savannah's Princess Tea Party

For Savannah's 4th birthday she wanted to have a "Princess Party", and with me having the opportunity to be in town on her birthday I got to participate with the special event. The first step was to make sure the girls had Princess dresses for the occasion, so it was a time to enjoy being creative again.
Of course that meant making something and hoping that it would fit when I got there, but it was a chance I took.
I think the big high light was seeing all the pretty Princesses arrive to the house.
We played a couple games,
Princess on parade ( musical chairs), and the match game prior to the luncheon. They would show interest for a very short time, then would be on to something else to entertain. It has been along time since I dealt with 2- 4 year olds. They don't have a very long attention span. The moms stayed at the house during the party, and got a big kick at my attempts to keep them focused.
Finally it was time to eat. The menu was decided by Savannah, and seemed to be a hit.
Especially the baby dill pickles, olives, and mini brownies as they would call them. (oreo balls)
It seemed to be a great day for all, and a close of a week long birthday celebration.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Uncle Rod & Aunt Lauren

When Isaiah was born Rodney was not comfortable with holding him because he was so small, so now that he is a couple weeks I guess it wasn't as intimidating.
Of course who could resist this great opportunity?
I could tell when Rodney & Lauren arrived that the girls really love it when they come by there reaction. Lexi especially kept saying Uncle Rodney this, or Uncle Rodney that. She has him wrapped around her little finger with those adorable eyes and cute smile. At one point Rodney was laying on the couch and would pretend that he was sleeping. Lexi would kiss his cheek to wake him, then start giggling. Lauren would get her hug time as well with both girls.
Last time they came to Austin, Savannah asked Aunt Lauren to make her a special cake for her birthday, so she and Rodney made this doll cake for us all to enjoy on Sunday before they headed back to San Antonio.
That thrilled both the girls, and we all enjoyed the treat.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekend fun

Saturday the 10th Naomi, Michael, and Isaiah went to have pictures taken, and I took the girls to a inside play ground along the same principle that we took the other grandchildren in Portland. This one was called the Big Bounce.
There was a little boy from their school that invited them to his Birthday Party, so that kept the three of us busy for a few hours.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

March: It's all about Isaiah

Yes, He is the center of all attention. And rightfully so!!!
When I arrived in Austin Michael picked me up at the airport while Naomi & Baby were sleeping, and the girls were at school.
I could hardly wait to get to their home. It had been way too long since I had seen all of them and yes, I did go right in and pick up that sleeping little man out of his bed.
As you can see however, I am not the only one that had a hard time leaving him in bed to sleep, or while he was awake. Naomi has a great little wrap that she can carry him in a snuggly position that he really loves. In fact Michael decided he should have one also, so my first project is to make him one.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Home at last

It's always so exciting to get home with a new little one. Everyone wants to love or hold the baby.
There is a buzz in the home when the new one arrives. Then comes the night when the new noises happen, so it's a challenge for some to sleep. Since Naomi had to have a C-section this time it was even more of a challenge for her comfort. She was limited in what she could do for herself, yet alone this new little man. Thank goodness for Michael being home for the week. He did everything from cooking, cleaning, lifting, and having to help Naomi up from the bed, or chair, where ever she ended up to find most comfortable. It was soon realized that she might have needed to stay even one more night at the hospital to make things easier, but they managed, and will remember for next time.
One thing about it, Isaiah is never in need of any loving. There is plenty of that going around.
Thank you Michael for all you do to help, love and strengthen your home and family. We love and appreciate you so very much, and I know Naomi does as well.