Sunday, April 19, 2009

The best of Arizona

I arrived back in Portland last night after 10 days in Arizona with Brent,Randi, & little Brennalyn; she, of course was the wonderful reason for my visit. What a beautiful little spirit. No wonder why her parents want everyone to see and know their little princess. As my plane touched down in Arizona, Brennalyn's "Grammy Toner" had just left from her visit to the happy parents. I'm sure she didn't want to leave, however it gave me the opportunity to visit and try and help where I could as well. Randi's mom & sister flew in yesterday as JoAnna and I flew out. We just traded places again.

JoAnna had the week off school, so she flew in for a week, and got really attached to Brennalyn. She is really looking forward to moving in with them in July to help care for her while Randi is working part-time. That will be a blessing for all of them. It will also give JoAnna time to work in the evening to help with her school expenses next year.

Easter was fun with friends of Brent & Randi's, but the highlight was looking at the cute little bunny in the basket. She didn't seem to mind that we were taking so many pictures of her while asleep or awake.

Brent spent each day at work, and lesson plans in the evenings. I am very excited for him to have a job he enjoys so much. He might be also working as the swim coach after school which will really keep him busy, but will offset Randi's working from full time to part time, so she can enjoy the blessings of being a mommy. They are all very excited about the many blessing that have come their way. Both Brent and Randi are such wonderful teachers that not only the kids love and learn from, but the parents & staff enjoy as well. That really says a lot.

The most difficult part of my time in Arizona was feeling like I wasn't very useful. With a new baby that has a hard time sleeping long, it left both Brent & Randi with many sleepless nights, so they would try to take advantage of moments to just rest, if only for an hour or so when Brenna was resting. She was very colicky, and seemed to be in pain much of that time, which left us all very sad or feeling helpless, but more so Randi as a new mom. She changed all that she was eating to a very bland diet, in hopes that it would be easier on the nursing. Maybe as Brenna gets bigger Randi can introduce more foods that will not cause her such discomfort. I remember those days of feeling helpless with a couple of the kids, and the more stressed I got over it, the more it upset the babies. A catch 22 situation.

Thursday night we all went out to dinner with Cory Allen, Liz, & their baby Gracie who was born the end of January. It was nice to visit, and hear the updates of there lives. Cory got a new job that they are excited about, so they will be moving to a small town near Phoenix. It will however give them a bit of distance away from both Cory's and Liz's moms. Needless to say the gramma's are not as excited about the change, or the distance. I know that feeling all to well, but I would be thrilled if my grandchildren were only 4 hours away.

As always after being away from home for awhile, its always a good feeling to be back. Its the reality of life that I now need to refocus on.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yea for Easter & for contact

What a crazy few weeks! Thankfully I was able to talk to Anthony this afternoon. It was a bit traumatic leading up to us actually talking. Between both of us having a horrible signal it made things a bit complicated. He had called twice (though my phone didn't even ring or register the fact) and left messages. Ethan & I were having another Easter party at the time--our 3rd celebration now--with the Giddens, Walkers & Boxx families. So, we were even further out in the boonies..if that's possible. If I stayed by their garage it all worked out well. Still I think we spent as much time getting cut off & him calling as we did actually on the phone. Aggravating to say the least. He is doing well & enjoyed being able to talk to everyone at Grandma DeRoest's house, though he was hoping Tony was there (since he's on his own in Portland currently). I'll add pics from yesterday & today (both Easter parties with friends) and then more on Friday.
Happy Easter,
Chelsea & Ethan

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Party time!

Well, truthfully we didn't really get to celebrate much with everything that was going on prior to Anthony leaving. Though we did have a fun early Easter. We did open some early gifts (in Jan & March) from Grandma DeRoest & Brent, Randi & Brennalyn. I also needed to get Ethan some things and decided they could count as early birthday presents. The morning consisted of us running around, cleaning, de-cluttering & preparing for the birthday outing. Ethan had fun seeing friends from nursery & running around with new faces as well. We made an unexpected trip in the morning to assist some friends in the ward. We were able to talk to Anthony along with both Grandmas, Auntie Jo & Brent & Randi.

I'm trying to get the videos by another means & then sending them. Please ignore the shaky hand videos along with the garmies (sorry!) & horrid, awful cake. For those who got my email, you know that story by now. It was a nice effort but SO not what I envisioned. It didn't effect the yumminess, that has to count for something. (: Yumminess is a word by the way.

Anthony is doing well, continuing to build the area so that it's functioning & operating like a normal base. We got to catch up a little about the week & he told me a bit of his experience with his first rescue mission. He wishes he was more connected & new what was going on in the world. I guess that will improve once they're finally online. Ethan was very giggly when Anthony called & was willing to talk briefly.
All is well here..I'm looking forward to some down time tomorrow & enjoying conference.

Ethan's second Birthday

Though today Ethan is officially 2 years old, he has celebrated his birthday with mom & dad already prior to Anthony being deployed, so today Chelsea arranged a friend party, which I will add pictures as soon as she has them.
When we called them this morning the birthday boy was pretty busy driving his car & playing, but would occasionally stop to say hello.
(Mr. Independent)
Why does the time have to go by so fast in the lives of these babies? Yet other times we wish it would go by quicker (Anthony returning back home).