Sunday, November 30, 2008

No longer a teenager

Today my baby turned 20 years old. She seemed to be very excited to be considered an adult. Its amazing how the feeling changes as we get older. I know from watching my children get older that I to must be as well, however if it weren't for the occasional aches or pains, I really don't feel like I should be as old as I am. Age really becomes irrelevant.
JoAnna decided for her birthday she wanted to make home made turkey pot pies, so Saturday night we made both vegetable pot pies, and turkey with broccoli pot pies for Sunday dinner. Rodney & Lauren came from Kalama Washington to join us, as well as cousin Cameo. It was a small gathering for dinner and visiting, then we enjoyed watching Christmas specials in the evening. I can always count on JoAnna to join me with that tradition. Its the only time of year that I reserve the TV.

Friday, November 28, 2008

A time of Thanksgiving

We have truly had a time of Thanksgiving, even though we are apart. JoAnna, Tony and I enjoyed a great time and meal with Rodney's new in-laws, and our friends for years, the Yeaman family in Kalama, Washington. It was fun to visit, enjoy a wonderful feast, and be entertained by the serenading of one of the LDS missionaries who played the violin. Such a beautiful talent. He played a variety of types of music, but closed with a hymn and bearing his testimony of our Savior great divine plan of happiness. I am grateful for my knowledge and comfort of the gospel that leads and guides myself and my family in our everyday life.

Both Brent & Randi, Anthony & Chelsea sent pictures of there special Thanksgiving.

I remember how amazing it was to be off on our own, away from the extended family, and enjoy the time as husband and wife.

We missed the big gathering, yet were Thankful for the start of our future together. I am glad that the kids are enjoying those things as well. We have much to be Thankful for.

Friday, November 14, 2008

NASA Launch!

Well here I am in Zaragosa Spain standing alert for the Endevour Shuttle launch that is about to take place in about an hour! All systems are a go thus far...but you know anything can postpone a launch. I was able to spend about three days in Germany and while I was there I made it over to Bastogne Belguim for Vetrans day. It was a great feeling to be where brave men once fought and died for the lives of not only our freedom but a Nazi free Europe. Here are just a few of the photo ops we had while at work...? I love and miss all of you especially you Chelsea and Ethan! Love, Anthony

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween weekend

Tony and I enjoyed Halloween night with mom, John & Dale watching all the little gremlins come to the door. JoAnna spent a couple nights with her cousins Cameo, Rick, and there little one Leann. She enjoyed seeing how creative people were with their costumes, especially the little ones.
The biggest hit for everyone was going to the church for truck or treating. It is the safest way to go. Not only do you know the people, but the kids walk from car to car in the parking lot for the treats. Some people were creative with decorating there cars as well. Our little ones may be far away, but we can at least enjoy the pictures of Ethan as Scooby Doo. I expecially like this one of he and Chelsea with there cheese grins.

Savannah is a very cute love bug, or lady bug, however she also is sporting an adorable little witch.

Ezekiel makes a very cute little puppy, which doesn't really surprise me much since he loves puppies. I guess he does't do to well with anything on his head however, so most the time it hung to his back.

Rodney and Lauren dressed up formal for the Officers Ball tonight. It was Lauren's first experience at such, and she was a little less than impressed I think. To much drinking going on, and stupid actions. They looked sharp however, and came back sober.