Monday, October 25, 2010

Traditional Pumpkin carving

It is fun to see that even with the kids at a distance they still enjoy the traditional pumpkin carving.
JoAnna and Zack were very private while cutting out their pumpkin as we stood across the counter from them. They creation consisted of a Pumpkin Pi.

Tony 's pumpkin had two faces. One traditional with eyes, nose and mouth, the other with the Portland Temple. A bit more spiritual side of Halloween.

Brent's was Tigger, which I'm sure Brenna loved since she loves the Winnie the Pooh characters.

Anthony and Ethan's creations were the Statue of Liberty (showing his patriotism),
and the face from "Nightmare before Christmas"

Some are still very competitive about it, more in fun than anything, but we all can enjoy seeing the talent that comes out of it.
I never saw any pictures from Rodney & Lauren, or Naomi & Michael. If you did your creations I would love to add them to the collection.
Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Grampa the Great

I think this was Brenna's first time meeting Grampa Allen the great! After church we made our visit in the not so pleasant weather conditions to Cascade Terrace. Pops was in the dining room for lunch so we stopped in for a quick visit.
It is a bit overwhelming to a child to see so many older people that she doesn't know, but I know it meant allot to Pops even for the moment. I really am not sure if he really put together that Randi is Brent's wife, though he said he did. Some days are so much better than others. We just take one day at a time.
Mother on the other hand missed the visit since she was very sick, so we all stayed clear. Thank goodness after dealing with the sickness for at least 2 weeks she is finally feeling better.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

What a beautiful day it turned out to be to go for a drive to the Pumpkin Patch and enjoy seeing the life on the farm. I think Brenna had fun seeing the animals, but she wasn't able to experience getting to close to them.

It was a look from a distance but it kept her intrigued.

However when it came to the roosters she could get close down and personal.
It was hard to pull her away as she was watching so intently.

Our next venture was the hay ride out to the pumpkins. Brenna had fun,and certainly rode styling. Many commented on the little fashion diva, but as we rode closer to the sea of orange she was very anxious to get off and go find the perfect pumpkin.

So many to choose from, it can get very confusing, but it really needed to be the right size, shape, and color.

She tried them out by sitting on them,

Lifting them, Smelling them, and even kissing some.

This green one fascinated her, but then it soon got put back down for another little one to soon pick up.
She of course took the time to pose for some fun pictures along the way.

Then came the hayride back to where we started, and to get some lunch, hot dog for her, and BBQ pulled pork sandwich for Randi and I. Then of course kettle corn for the ride home.

The drive back home she was very content with her perfect little pumpkin that she could hold, carry, kiss, or whatever. It was a perfect day!

Grama the great

Saturday after having a great time at the pumpkin patch we went over to see Grama the great (Brenna's great grama DeRoest). It was quite a busy place with allot of faces she had never seen before, but she seemed to have fun watching people, or playing with the toys. While grampa D. was out in the backyard BBQ -ing the steaks we wandered the yard so she could enjoy the sunshine, as well as smell the flowers. Something she always seems to make time to do. We could all learn from this example.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun at the Children's Museum

Friday the 15th was a busy day at the Children's Museum with Brenna, Randi, JoAnna and I. It was such a beautiful sunny day and very fun to watch Brenna as she roamed through the museum at the various rooms and stations.
She seemed to enjoy the "Water Works",

and "Clay Studio" the most, but it didn't stop her from venturing to all the other areas to experience the joy of climbing, jumping, building, touching, sliding, & driving.

"Vroom Room" had a bus, and ambulance with buttons, and flashing lights.

"All Aboard" It was fun for Brenna to look out the telescope at the bottom of the ship, and see us on the outside.
Or view through the port holes.

"Baby's Garden" had an area to slide, water stream to touch, a fish tank to look at, a water bed to jump, even though the sign said to sit or lie down, the children found it much more fun to jump.

"Building Bridgetown" had a tree house to climb up to, with gears to play with.
"Grasshopper Grocery & Butterfly Bistro" the children could go around and do there own shopping. Brenna decided to try out some of the produce, however it wasn't the same as at Papa Toner's house.As much as Brenna loves dogs, I don't think "The Pet Hospital" was real enough for her to get much from it. She likes more action from those cute furry animals.

"The Wonder Corner"

By the time we got to the "Tinkertoy" room Brenna was pretty tired, so went through that room very quick. She didn't have any desire to even play with the tinkertoys. She managed to make it out to the car, but once it started she fell fast asleep for a very peaceful ride home.