Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fun with Rodney & Lauren

It was nice to spend a few days with Rodney and Lauren this last weekend. Our hope and plan was initially to go to the beach, however we decided to go to Lake Merwin instead, and spend it with the Dover bunch. Before leaving town however Lauren was hungry for dinner at Cruisers, so that was our first stop. It has been years since we have stopped there since it was always the place to go after a concert, ball game, swim meet, or any other reason with the kids. Fond memories. Hopefully it helped Rodney to reflect on some positive memories since he seems to not remember much of what I thought were good times.
By the time we arrived through the traffic to Lake Merwin Cathy had just arrived herself. She planned to go early in the day, but many things got in her way. I can't say that the weather was sunny and beautiful. In fact it was a bit chilly at times, but still very beautiful, and fun to spend with the group.
Cathy and Michael were terrific hosts and very generous to share there haven with us. Casey, Roy'l and Javen camped out with us the first night, then Caven, Sarah, & Kaylynn came the following morning for a day of play, and through camp fire that night.
Lauren was surprised to see the many deer, and how tame they were to eat out of our hands. In fact one deer was quite determined to join us at the picnic table for our breakfast.
We enjoyed going out on there boat. We went out the first time and watched Caven, Sarah, and Roy'l ski, or go on the inter-tube. The rest of us were content to go for the ride and watch. There were occasional glimpses of the sun, and when it showed through we relished in the warmth. The next time we went out was for a sight seeing excursion. They shared some of there favorite peaceful water spots, and land sights which included their dream cabin on the Lake.
Saturday evening Lauren's parents and brother came to visit us for some fresh peach, and blackberry cobbler, as well as visit awhile around the campfire.
We enjoyed watching Rodney and Lauren interact, and see the love that they share.


Naomi said...

Too cute. Glad y'all could have that time together! Thanks for sharing the pics. Fun times.

DeRoest's in GA. said...
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DeRoest's in GA. said...

I agree (: Cute pics & fun memories.

nanadover said...

We'll have to do it again. It just doesn't happen often enough!

Tommy said...
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