Saturday, August 28, 2010

Traveling abroad

What a privilege it was to be invited along by Naomi and Michael to assist with girls on a long adventure to Kenya in east Africa, Michael's home land. A trip that I never dreamed I would take, but one that I have truly learned so much from in appreciation for all of my many blessings, as well as seeing more into Michael, and getting to know him more. It was fun to see him in a non-working mode, and enjoy his personality.
And I truly enjoyed spending time with Naomi and the girls. Another wonderful adventure with Naomi, the first being to Japan 9 years ago. Great times.
I flew into Austin, Texas after work on Thursday the 26th of August where I was picked up by Naomi. We then drove to her home to finish packing, then off we went on a three hour drive to the Houston International Airport.
First stop over was to Chicago where we enjoyed lunch at Ruby's Diner. A step back in time.
Then on to Amsterdam, Holland.
I think when we walked in the plane with the two girls it scared many other passengers away for fear that the girls would just cry or make things miserable, so several asked the stewardess to move them to another location. Which I will admit was our hope so we all had a little more room around us. That meant that even Lexi would have her own chair.

As it worked out the girls were very content coloring, playing with toys, watching shows, and sleeping peacefully. It was great!

When we arrived in Nairobi Savannah got out of the airport and yelled, "Dani (Grama) Winnie I'm here in Kenya."
After a 36 hour adventure to get this far, it would still be a few more days before we continued the journey to see Dani Winnie.


DeRoest's in GA. said...

Definitely sounds like quite the adventure & travel. I'm glad things went smoothly & you all enjoyed time together. (:
love & hugs

JoAnna and Zack said...

very cute pictures. I am glad you got to have that adventure. Savannah looks so grown up with her suit case trailing behind her.