Sunday, May 25, 2008

Well here is that wonderful grandson in Georgia, mimicking his favorite buddy Jersey...He's got it down pat! We are looking forward to Grampa coming and visiting in the next week, and then Grama and Grampa Morse are coming the end of June.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ethan in May

Here we are, another month almost gone by which means our little man is continuing to grow far to fast, but loves to learn and participate in whatever is going on from mowing the lawn to moving boxes. Then the joy of bath time after a long hard days work and close the day with a story and or dual with dad on the guitar helps for a good night sleep.

As you can see he loves his best friend Jersey, and has learned to communicate with him quite well. Oh how it makes me reflect on those years of such joy.
Tony leaves on Saturday to go to Georgia and visit the kids. He doesn't very often get away on his own due to work, however this was his birthday get-away for a couple days, and he is so looking forward to it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy 52nd Birthday Tony & Thom

In the 19 years that Tony and I have lived here in Portland I think that he and his brother Thom have spent there birthday together once, so this weekend was really long overdue. It took health issues to bring them together, but the saddest part was due to the health problems that Thom has been experiencing he didn't feel up to doing what they both love to do, meaning golf. They did hit a bucket of balls in Thom's yard, but I am sure that wasn't the same as enjoying the beauty of the course as you walk from one hole to another.
The weather was very hot for the weekend, but that didn't stop the girls from going to a neighborhood garage sale in Monroe. Even if I hadn't found anything to purchase, it was fun to be together, then go to lunch afterward.
The evening was spent having a birthday dinner, visiting, and listening to Tony and Thom serenade us, the old barber shop way.
Because of Thom's health problems mom spent this past week in Snohomish, which she really enjoyed, then we were able to bring her back home yesterday with us as planned. I think all in all it was a great treat for her as well to spend this birthday with her boys.
Life is just way to short to put off taking the time to visit with those you love, or express to others how much they mean to you through thoughts, words, and actions.
We love you Thom , Nancy, and family. Thank you for hosting a great weekend!

Friday, May 16, 2008

The new surroundings for Ezekiel

Peter and Jessica have moved temporarily outside of Oakland California for a summer job, which has been a new adventure for all of them. Ekekiel hasn't seemed to mind to much. In fact the day before mothers day he decided he could see more and move faster by walking. There is no stopping him now. Mothers day they went as a family to see the Oakland Temple. The picture brought back memories for me since it was the temple Tony and I were married in.
A form of entertainment he enjoys is feeling the vibration of the washing machine against his face. However when Jessica tries to join him, he will push her away. He hasn't learned the concept of sharing yet.
Rodney moved also in hopes he could work hard and save allot, however he is so far away from his sweetheart, he plans to return the end of the month.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Greetings from the durty souf

to all those that view this is may seem completely're right! but I have parents who want to see us in action in our back yard that is getting to be more personable/habitable. :) we love you all and want to wish all the moms HAPPY MOMMA'S DAY

Happy Mother's Day!

Savannah wanted to send you the happiest of wishes on this Mother's Day! We are so lucky to have you in our lives and want you to know how much we love, honor, and respect you. Thank you for all that you do to bring joy to us. We are looking forward to your next Texas visit.
Love you forever.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Savannah's blessing day !

Tony and I had the opportunity to go to Austin this past weekend to share in the experience of Savannah's blessing. It was such a beautiful day, not only the weather, but the wonderful spirit that was felt. Savannah was amazing all day long. It was as if she to felt great joy, and certainly didn't want to miss anything, so stayed bright eyed all day with little cat naps now and then. The most emotional moment I experienced was seeing Savannah dressed in the same blessing gown that Naomi wore almost 30 years ago. Where did the time go? I couldn't help but look at Savannah and reflect back to that same day that Tony and I had long awaited for. Though Savannah looks allot like Michael, I see much of Naomi as well. A beautiful combination.
Later in the day some of Michael's work mates, neighbors, and Ethan Guzman, a friend of the past came to visit in route from Florida, with plans to fly out of San Antonio. We all enjoyed a BBQ dinner, visiting and some enjoyed playing on a special game of Michael's that entailed watching the TV screen, and playing a special guitar. It was very entertaining to watch those participating. I'm so grateful for the great friendships they share. I can see why Texas is so comfortable for all of them. We do miss being closer to enjoy getting together more often.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Time with Grandpa"

When I was a child I remember visiting, or spending time with my Grandparents. I thought how cool it was learning about them and the things that made them happiest. The farm was a wonderful place to go to and explore, and learn how to milk a cow, or make homemade bread. Everything about my Grand parents was exciting to me.

Now, today, finding myself on the other side of the spectrum I find it totally fascinating looking into the eyes of that little person in my arms. First with Ethan, and now with beautiful Savannah, I am amazed at this wonderful baby that has so much potential. I would take her and just hold her and stare at her thinking how much I loved her and how precious she is. I don't know if she is getting any measured happiness from her experience with her Grand parents, however we sure did. I am looking forward to the day when we can return and exchange our love once again.

Thank you Naomi & Michael for our visit and for everything. We had a great time with you all. Love, Dad D.