Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A visit from Naomi & Isaiah

What a wonderful time we had this past weekend with Naomi and Isaiah here in town.  Everything seemed so peaceful and right with the world having family around.
Naomi originally planned her trip here to Portland to attend her cousin Jessica's wedding that was on Saturday, so the three days she was here was busy tring to see as many as she could of friends and family.  Needless to say the time was to short, but very well appreciated.
Isaiah didn't seem to mind the least with having many people hold or love on him.
 He made everyone feel great by snuggling up to all. 
Grama the great especially loved how cuddly he was with her. He had lots of kisses to share. Between the wedding, and church on Sunday it gave many the opportunity to see friends, and for us to show off our little guy.

At the wedding we met up with our neighbors from the past the Guzman's, so Sunday we had them come to the house for dinner and try to catch up. 
They were such wonderful neighbors, friends, and part of our family that we have truly missed.

Coming to grama and grampa D's meant Isaiah getting to try new foods.  He loved sucking on the cob of the corn, and having a piece of Grampa's chocolate chip cookie, without the chocolate.
Grampa was of course the real highlight for Isaiah.  He was really excited when grampa came into the room, and had lots of smiles. 
He especially enjoyed touching his beard.  I really expected him to pull it, but he never did.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Double Blessings have arrived.

Today Wednesday Aug. 29th, 2012 our baby became a father, and was blessed with two beautiful twin girls.
Zoe Lenore DeRoest (A) weighed 4 lbs. 7 oz., 17" tall,  made her appearance at 5:30pm.
Ginnivive Marie DeRoest  (B)
weighed 4 lbs. 9 oz., 17" tall, and made her appearance at 5:32 pm.
 Both Rodney and Lauren couldn't be any happier to have so many blessings enter into their lives. 
 As you can see all are doing wonderful.
 It is hard to believe that Rodney at 4lbs 6 oz. in this picture has made the full circle in life,                        and now welcoming in, little ones of his own.             What a wonderful family's first photo.  
 Our joy is overflowing.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Harlow's 1st birthday party at Nana's & Papa's

It was a very quick visit, however one we didn't want to miss out on in order to see our cute granddaughters. Randi flew into Spokane WA. to see her family on Saturday with the girls for a three weeks visit, and 1st birthday celebration for Harlow. Though Tony just got out of the hospital, he seemed to feel up to the drive, so we ventured forward. We to got in on Saturday the 25th just in time to go to Randi's Aunt and Uncles for a big end of the summer party. There were over 135 people that attended, so they hardly even realized we crashed there party. In fact though they were surprised we were there, they surely made us feel very welcome.
Sunday we spent with Randi and her family and friends. There again we always feel so welcome, and it gave us time to watch, and play with the girls.
Harlow wasn't as receptive for her party, she really just wanted mommy. Brenna on the other hand had such a wonderful time with the many children that were there. I was able to catch her at one time to give her a hug and snap a picture. It was so much fun to watch the social butterfly.
By the end of the evening you could tell that Brenna had a wonderful full day.
Harlow on the other hand was just plain finished, and tired out.
Come Monday when we left to go back to Portland home, Randi discovered Harlow had a new tooth come in, which explains her usual happy face for a sad one.

We truly have been blessed to have such a wonderful family.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Isaiah's blessing Day

 Sunday June 3, 2012
Isaiah Rachad George Owuor
received a blessing by his daddy Michael Owuor.

As part of the celebration and in preparation of next weeks Fathers Day the boys all had matching ties .


Aunt Kiki, Uncle Gilbert, & Uncle Alex also came for the special Day.


 The Day was truly all about Isaiah.  Everyone wanted to get in some loving.
 Tony and I just watched and enjoyed every moment.

 And tried to capture everything to memory.  Isaiah seemed to be content to just be here on this earth with so many loving people around him.

 As the day ended it brought out the yawns in us all.  What a glorious time it was.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Family first in Texas.

Upon arriving in Texas, our first stop was to the park for family photo's.  This was a moment together to treasure.

 The cousins got to meet one another for the first time all together.  They seemed to get along wonderfully together.  It always amazes me how even the littlest ones draw to the babies. Parker and Harlow thought Isaiah was very fascinating.


After 4 years we were finally all together.  My have we multiplied.
Isn't it wonderful?

It was so much fun just watching everyone interact, and joke around.  Truly a dream come true.


 So many sacrifices were made for this time to happen.
                                                                           Thank you all for such an amazing time.