Monday, September 28, 2009

An update on Monday? crazy

Hello there,
We hope you're all doing well & enjoying your families. We are excited to leave town as a family & go away this week. We're off to the Temple & to see some sights in FL. We haven't been to the Temple together since the beginning of the year. Thankfully I was able to go in Portland but it's just not as perfect without your spouse. (Hard to go together with a hubby out of the states half the year & each 'closest' Temple being hours away). So, with life getting somewhat back to normal these last two weeks, we're off again. We are happy to have time together & help with necessary on-going things. Today we are in the midst of preparing home/yard/car/errands/appt./packing etc. to leave. We are looking forward to General Conference as well. I don't know about you, but I can always tell when we're approaching that time. What a blessing to have the direction of our Father through the prophet. I appreciate the spirit, Priesthood & the positive influences in our lives.

Here are a few pics..from a wedding reception for some friends of ours.

Daddy was dancing to some music while mowing--not that you can tell. I enjoyed it (: and

Ethan during the brief time he watched 'the great mouse detective.' He was intrigued while it lasted.
Gotta get out the door in a minute. We love & miss you,

Friday, September 18, 2009

JoAnna's Going on a mission

Randi took me to get my pictures done at Sears today. I was very impressed with the photographers work and how all of the pictures turned out. I really only needed a bust shot to turn in however we had fun and took all kinds of extra shots as well. hence the jeans I am wearing. I will keep everyone posted on when I am leaving. All that is left however with my paperwork is a doctors visit so the plan is to turn everything in by the beginning of November. Stay tune for more details at that point.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weekly update

Hi there,

How have you been? Well yahoo is having issues my usual update will be here instead.
Things are going well in GA. The last couple weeks with my hubby have been great. We got to spend time with some family his first week back. Since then, the projects & running around continue. When we get a chance, we just enjoy spending time as a family & ignoring the world as much as possible. Ethan & Savannah enjoyed playing, bike rides, the park, running through the house & trying to bully each other. (: Oh, and baths as well. Thank you to Naomi & Michael for welcoming us and for a great time together. It was great to see everyone & get away.

Ethan loves any daddy time he can get, whether it's helping outside or having a story with him. Daddy is home & we're glad he's ours. We are grateful for our blessings & loving, supportive family and friends.
ttys love,

"Just Peachie"

Tony and I got back from our trip to Austin Tuesday night around 9:30 pm. At that time our sister in law Dale picked us up from the airport and let us know that mom had peaches at her house that would need to be picked up that night due to the hot weather planned for the next day. The Roley's picked over 900 lbs. from their trees, and they were concerned that they would all go bad if people wouldn't take advantage of them, so we got home long enough to drop off our suitcases, open up the house, then go to moms. Without feeling to greedy we took some boxes to fill the back of my car, still leaving allot behind. The next day however I stopped on the way home from work to find there were more that no one wanted, so I brought them home as well. That set the plan of what we would be doing for the next three days after work.

The final count ended up as 70 Qts. ,
34 pts. , 47 jars of jelly, 9 Qts. of peach nectar, 1 cobbler and 2 peach pies in the freezer. We still have a couple of dozen fresh to eat on cereal or by them self in the fridge. With the pantry shelves filled it is very exciting as well as rewarding to see the results of our efforts.

We have since gone and picked pears to can that the Morse's said were just falling to the ground. I hate to see food go to waste, and when it is free I feel like I need to do my part to preserve it. The Lord has truly blessed us once again. Now the trick is to figure out how to share this with each of the kids.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Prettie in Pink

Chelsea and Anthony really enjoyed the time with the girls, as well as the girls enjoying them.
Many times I would see the two of them cuddling, cooing,
or just pointing how nice they look in pink. ( with girls)

I know they are anxious to have another little one, and I think they would especially enjoy having a girl for the contrast of Ethan all boy, and such a cute one at that.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Ethan was so excited to see Savannah when he arrived on Saturday, however Savannah was down for a short nap, so he settled for her toys instead. It was very cute to watch the two of them when she did awake. It was as if they remembered each other from a year ago, and picked up where they had left off before playing with toys, snack time,

jumping on the bed, watching TV, or I should say watching veggie tale movies, playing in the water at the park, enjoying story time,

or closing the day with a nice relaxing bath. Each day was the same with lots of smiles, and a few upsets. They usually came at the same time. At times we had a choir of tears with all three of the grandchildren. It happens.

I could tell that Ethan's infatuation with baby Lexie was very
He loved holding her,yet when he was done get ready to catch as he would push her forward. With the similar action from Savannah we all were prepared for such attention span.
We would have loved having Brennalyn in Texas as well to enjoy all four of the grand babies together.
The next best thing was to skype Brent and Randi Sunday evening to allow us all to see one another while visiting.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Alexandra Malaika Owuor Blessing Day

Lorna and I had the privilege of flying to Austin Texas on Friday September 4th, to participate in the blessing for "Lexi" on Sunday the 6th of September. This was my first time I got to see and meet my newest grandchild. HAIR! That was my first thought when I saw her. What a beautiful head of hair. Savannah being born bald like her mother was and that led me to believe that Lexi would show up that same way. Nope. Michael was born with a full head of hair so we know who she took after. Needless to say our meeting started off well and remained that way for the rest of our stay. It was good to see them all.

Saturday became a welcome surprise when my son Anthony,Chelsea, and Ethan showed up at the front door. (Anthony had just gotten back from a 6 month military duty in Afghanistan). It was great to have him back on U.S. soil.

My niece, Michelle Card and boyfriend Noe drove in from San Antonio to join in the festivities.

Sunday morning started out pretty early. With a house full of guests, we needed to. Alexandra (Lexi) looked like a beautiful angel, and Savannah a little princess in their matching white dresses.

As you can see Michael is enjoying having yet another sweet daughter to spoil.

After what was a beautiful blessing the day was enjoyed with both family and friends.