Monday, April 28, 2008

Rodney's engagement announcement

Yesterday after the 6 hour journey we spent with Brent and Randi, the grand announcement was shared at dinner of Rodney springing the big question to Lauren Yeaman, and of course after the big shock, she said yes!
It was so nice that they shared this moment with Tony and I, but also all of her family as they were with us for dinner. Needless to say this announcement was with great joy, and tears. The most tender moment was Lauren and daddy, both were in tears.
Rodney came home from California Sunday morning to get prepared for his milatary duty this week, so when Lauren picked him up from the airport they went by Rodney's cousin Casey & Royl, then all went to enjoy the sunny day at Bridal Vale falls. One thing led to another, and the perfect moment of surprise came when Rodney went down on one knee to ask Lauren to marry him.
At this point the plan is for August 08, December 08, or April 09 between semesters at school. Oh to be young again.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Celebration of Brent's graduation!

Tony and I had a rushed, but very enjoyable long weekend with Brent and Randi at the resort in Coeur d'alene, Idaho to celebrate Brent's graduation from BYU Idaho. Last year Randi graduated, so both are relieved that this step is completed and plan to take a break before starting toward his Master's program. Now the fun begins of finding full-time teaching positions for both of them. They have left all options open, so who knows where they will end up... We are just so excited for them and want them to enjoy some time together. These two years of their married life have been dedicated to work and school and we are just so proud of them for accomplishing their goals and focusing on the things that are important. Even in their busy schedules they have taken the time to enjoy going out on dates, even if the date is having juice and hot bread at the bakery first thing in the morning before the hectic day began.
This weekend went by very fast but the weather was beautiful which allowed Tony and Brent to play 18 holes of golf, while Randi and I went into town shopping. Then we all had fun going to a birthday party for Randi's uncle and her cousins' daughter. The remainder of the weekend was spent walking the boardwalk, playing games, watching a movie, and enjoying one another's company. This was truly a weekend of quality time rather than quantity.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Austin in April

Yesterday JoAnna got back from her one week trip to Austin visiting Naomi, Michael, and of course Savannah. It was a wonderful time for her to bond with all. One of the biggest pleasures she enjoyed was talking to Savannah, and having her respond back. She also had fun helping move the nursery around to prepare Savannah to enter her own bedroom next week.
Now that JoAnna is back in Rexburg she is preparing to start her classes tomorrow, and a little stressed in getting everything ready for this next summer semester. As wonderful as it is to go away, sometimes it takes awhile to get motivated once again.
Naomi and Michael are now without extra company for a couple weeks, but plan to take a drive to Houston next weekend to visit Michael's family. They haven't seen Savannah since she was three days old. Then Tony and I will invade them again. Tony is especially excited for his first meeting.
Thank you Michael, and Naomi for allowing a steady invasion of your privacy, but also for sharing your little miracle with all of us.

Elisha Wedding

The time finally came for my sister Sandi to enjoy the payback. Sandi and Eric have catered hundreds of weddings over the years and yesterday they got a wonderful opportunity while being in the temple to witness the marriage of their eldest daughter Elisha. I don't know if they really felt the whole effect yet, due to their part in catering this grand event. Yet I know that as Sandi's sister and Elisha's aunt, I was especially emotional.
As was expected the reception was amazing, with a full course meal of prime rib or chicken noel and an amazing display of desserts at a dessert buffet (rather than the traditional wedding cake). Cathy's grand daughter Celeste was in awe of the wedding cake. By the look on her face I figure that she was planning for her future wedding someday.
All was very beautiful until the clean up, that was long and hard on everyone. No one was moving very fast after that was done, in fact we still aren't.
This has been an extremely busy week having a houseful of family, but one that I am glad I didn't miss. I'm especially grateful that I didn't have to get in a car this morning for a 12 hour journey back home, only to start another busy week as they all did.
The other part of this weekend that I especially enjoyed was having the time laughing and working with my sisters. As life goes on, everyone gets so busy, and we are separated between states, less and less time together is spent. Now is the time to treasure these times!
Update: I just found out that one of the cars had problems, so the journey is still on. I hope they find all well, in the end.
Until we meet again.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Pops 86th Birthday

It is sometimes hard to express appreciation enough for a man that has been so dedicated to his family. He truly has been a steady anchor to each of us by working to support 7 children. Even in his retirement he worked hard in his shop with wood-working or upholstery, as well as much time spent working in the yard. Always beautifying as he went. After a few strokes these past few years I've seen him unable to walk, talk, or think clearly, however he doesn't give up. He works hard to regain whatever he
can and do as much as he can for himself and care for mother. This year for Pops' birthday we had a family dinner here at the house and he kept us all in stitches with his great humor of the past. He was so sharp and witty.
I know we won't always have these days but we all really do enjoy the times we have together. His body may be run down but his mind is still good natured and his spirit is lively as ever.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ethan's First Birthday!

This year has zoomed by so quickly, and we are grateful for the time we have been able to spend with this special little man. What a great joy he has added into our lives. It was so exciting for us to receive the video clips of Ethan capturing him walking by himself. He has been walking around walls and furniture for months, or even holding onto a hanger that was part time held by parents, yet once he discovered he was on his own he would sit down. I guess he felt he was ready to take off on his own finally. The house will never be the same now that the world of exploring has opened up so vast.
As you can see on the video below Ethan is enjoying wearing his birthday cake more than eating it, but that 's what makes it all the more fun. We have watched the video's over and over just to feel like we are close by.
Our plan was to invite Marilyn and Dave over for dinner on Friday and have a grandparents party of our own on Ethan's behalf, however due to work schedules our party was postponed until Sunday the 6th. Even Ethan's great aunt and uncle celebrated in California.
Thank heavens for this little man.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Ethan's "1" and Walking

Well we knew it was a matter of time that he'd catch on with the rest of us "upright folks"...just didn't expect it to be a day before his numero uno! Here he is in action! And just so all can enjoy this cake filled sight we threw this in there too.