Thursday, February 26, 2009

Arrival of Addison Grace Allen

Six months ago when Brent & Randi moved to Sierra Vista Arizona I never would have know that we would in some way be reconnected with my brother Lonnie's son Cory who is the same age as our Rodney. He was just a small boy when I last saw him, and we had only heard of him moving around, but not knowing his address we didn't keep in touch. I always felt bad being so disconnected, but I have been disconnected from Lonnie as well. We see each other so seldom, but when we do get together I really treasure it.
After finding out in late August that Cory was not only in Arizona, but living and working in the same town as Brent & Randi. Brent made a visit to Lowe's Hardware to introduce himself, and bring Cory pictures of his dad (Lonnie)that were taken at Uncle Ron's wedding at the end of August 08. Since then he and Brent have had a few opportunities to get together, or visit.
Yesterday I received an e-mail from Brent that was a forward from Cory with pictures of his new baby girl. She was born on January 14th, at 8:38pm. Weighing 8 lbs,7 oz. 21" long. What a cutie. It is hard to believe that Cory is not only grown up, but is now experiencing the responsibility of a little one. I hope he feels the great joy that comes with being a parent. There truly is not greater joy.

With this I also want to congratulate Grandpa Lonnie, and hope that he will once again appreciate this great stage of life we are in. I am anxious to make a trip in April for the birth of my grand daughter Brennalyn, then also get to see little Addison Grace Allen as well.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Orlando adventure

Tony and I had the opportunity to go to Orlando Florida with his brothers & wives this past weekend due to the generosity of his youngest brother Joe who had a hardware convention there. He decided to not only share some of his business, but also have added pleasure with his brothers golfing.

I must admit the idea of going didn't thrill me much since it was a long way to travel in such a short time, but I also didn't want Tony to be the only one without his wife either. As it turned out with a change of attitude on my part, I took advantage of the travels to spend time with my hubby, and enjoyed spending time with the girls.
It was fun to see the excitement of all, especially traveling with John & Dale.

Thom & Nancy flew into Orlando about 30 minutes after we all did,
so we relaxed at the airport until Joe arrived to pick us all up.

Friday morning we all went to the the hardware convention. It was so much fun watching Tony. He was like a child in a candy store with all the various vendors displaying there hardware. I on the other hand enjoyed visiting with Kim and getting to know her better,and finding more about the lives of their children, who I really didn't know much about, because they live so far away.

The two days were spent touring, shopping, visiting the Titanic museum, and going to the Epcot center. I truly felt an emotional stirring while going through the titanic museum and reading the names of the many that lost there lives. Each person that went through it represented a person on the titanic, which made it very real when you saw someone standing next to you who did not survive.
I also felt an emotional stir while going from one country to the next at the Epcot center, especially in America. Such a wonderful patriotism was displayed that left me in tears.
The guys on the other hand spent there time bonding while playing golf. It was quality time spent with each. The mornings started with all having breakfast together,then join back together at night for dinner.
Saturday night Joe & Kim took us to a dinner theater that they have gone to before, however it was a new show, so it was new to them also. There again we had a great time reflecting on the best part of our day, and the best part of the weekend.

Our final day was spent miniature golfing with all of us together (for the golfing experience) Basically just killing time before heading to the airport for the long journey home.

Though each of us may be different in so many ways, we all have something in common, that is the love, unity, and importance of family. This weekend not only gave six of the eight of us the opportunity to go to a place we have never been, but more important share time with one another building positive memories, for that I am so grateful.

Thank you Joe & Kim so much for creating such a great time for all.

Monday, February 16, 2009

What a surprise from Japan

I just opened up my e-mail this evening and received a letter from Miyuki which really surprised me and excited me. I don't think I have heard from her for almost a year, so to get a letter announcing that she not only had another baby on December 17th, but she had twin boys. They named them Eitaro & Ryounosuke. I am interested to find out if these are family names. Who would have thought they would be the ones in the family to have the twins. She promised me she would send pictures soon, so hopefully she will and I will add them to this blog. It would be nice to get pictures of all three of the kids and Miyuki & Shinichi. Congratulations to all of you. We look forward to the pictures.
Love, your Oregon Mom

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Galloway Baby

I got a call and text message from Mike today announcing the birth of his daughter on Friday February 13th. Malyn & he chose to name her Brylee Paige. She weighed 7 lbs 11 oz., 19" tall. Malyn's mom was able to get there Friday evening after she was born, but needless to say everyone is very excited and doing well.
Mike's mom Kathleen is going on Monday for her turn. Malyn has set up a blog with lots of pictures, but you have to be invited to view it, so if your are interested give them a call. Here are a few that I was able to pull off.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy (early) Valentine's day

We hope you're doing well.
I want Anthony to know that we love & miss him. We are usually apart for V-day but I didn't send a package this year. I hope the pics will suffice. Since we had our early Valentine-Mother's day-Anniversary last month I guess we made up for it. All is well, constantly juggling our duties and daily events. We agree that this has been one of the more emotional times of all his traveling, up to this point. We have been apart many many times ranging from about 5 days up to two months. It certainly doesn't get easier with time. Though we definitely get used to it- because we have to. I thought it has hard to say good-bye when we dated. I guess we really never knew when we'd see each other again. That can add some extra emotional drama. I am grateful, proud & happy with Anthony & his accomplishments. We have our different roles to play in life & family and hope to do the best we can in each aspect.
Have a happy week.
Love, Chelsea

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The close of another chapter in life.

I have such mixed emotions of the changes that are in store for me. After 3 1/2 years of once again being the Young Women's President at church, I was released last Sunday, and had our final program of New Beginnings on Wednesday evening. It was a time to get the girls excited about the new theme of the year, tied into the encouragement of them becoming the girl of there dreams. We had an outside campfire setting with all in their pajamas. The ceiling had stars & clouds hanging from it with quotes of encouragement. The new YW presidency participated in a portion, so that they could be properly introduced, since it is their New Beginnings also.

I realize that I have had many opportunities to direct these girls and with all the grand babies, my focus is truly changed. However, there is also a feeling of being disconnected from everyone. I'm sure this will soon pass. In the mean time my goal is to focus more on being a better wife, mother, grandmother, and become more spiritually prepared to meet my Savior. I have a long way to go I'm sure.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Last couple days in Georgia

I really tried to get the most of these last couple days with the kids. Saturday night was play time, and enjoying watching Ethan with mom and dad. Its hard to believe that he could go to sleep right after playing blast off with Anthony, however I did notice that he goes from full speed ahead, to a complete stop almost instantly.

Anthony left early Sunday morning for his pre-deployment. He drove with his group to Tennessee where he will be for the month of February. Chelsea, Ethan and I went to church, played, and enjoyed time to visit, then Monday was spent with more playing. After Chelsea got back from the chiropractor, we all went to the park for a picnic , then later in the evening out for a Mexican dinner and more visiting. In fact it really amazed me how much Ethan loves his personal space. While Chelsea and I watched a show, he played in his room without even a peep.
My flight was very early this morning so needless to say I threw off all schedules by having everyone get up at 4:15 am to take me to the airport. Hopefully not to cause to much ciaos for Chelsea the rest of the day. The flights home seem to go very smoothly and I arrived back in Portland by 11:00am as scheduled.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hi from Georgia

Recently Anthony & I were able to visit Savannah for a get-away. The time to relax & focus on each other was wonderful.We enjoyed seeing the sights nearby & just being together without interruptions. We saw some tourist shops & read some of the history. There was a memorial for those who served in Vietnam as well as those of Irish decent. As you will see it's a gorgeous area. Thank you, thank you to Lorna for being willing to give us that time & for taking care of Ethan. He had a lot of fun with his Grandma. We were able to celebrate an early Valentine's, Mother's Day & our anniversary last week. He'll be missing a lot of family events while he's gone. We'll have to get the others next month..or in August.
Chelsea, Anthony & Ethan