Monday, March 22, 2010

Brenna's party

Tony and I drove to elk Washington this past weekend to attend Brenna's 1st birthday party at Randi's mom and dads. It was the first time we were able to celebrate a birthday with any of our grandchildren because they are all far away, so we decided to make the long journey for an opportunity to see Brenna and Randi. With the business of our schedule lately it was also a good time for Tony and I to get away together.
The weather was very sunny and beautiful, which made the drive down the gorge even more amazing.

After work on Thursday our drive was 5 hours to Ritzville Washington where we spent the night. Then Friday we drove the last couple hours for the 5:00 pm Party.

Randy senior was in charge of the BBQ for dinner. He made some terrific beef and venison burgers that would make your mouth water just to look at. (Brent, Randy said that this picture was for you.)

I wish it wouldn't take so
long for Brenna to recognize who we are.
She seemed quite uncomfortable for us to get very close, so most of the three hours were looking at her from a distance. I did enjoy watching her face as other tried to get her to smile. I am sure she was thinking "what a bunch of goofs".
Occasionally she would crack a smile, or wrinkle her little nose with excitement. I usually was too slow with the camera to capture those expressions.

After an evening outside by a large campfire, loving the doggy, and enjoying her Birthday cake,
the evening air got pretty chilly so Randi brought her inside to warm up, and open her gifts. We watched a few more minutes then left to make the 2 hour drive back to Ritzville for the night.

Now that we are all back at home, I am sure that today being her actual Birthday she is enjoying yet another gathering with friends.

Happy Birthday Brenna! Love Grama & Papa D.