Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time appreciating Dads

This fathers day started the Friday before when making 90 loaves of fresh wheat and white bread for all the men at church. In the past I have had the kids help me make treats, but now that they are all gone away I found a couple sister that were willing, so we had a fun afternoon baking bread.

Come Sunday after church Tony and I went and picked up Mom, then went to visit my Papa. He seemed to be pretty alert, and recognized me. He never has much to say any more, but his eyes and smile say allot to me. With such a strong and hard working man for so many years when his mind is remembering things he gets so frustrated . I guess Saturday was one of those days. For that reason I am grateful he doesn't remember much.

Our next stop was up on the hill to place a pot of flowers on Dads site. This is our special time with mom quite often. A quiet, peaceful, beautiful place for meditation.

Marilyn and Dave joined us for a special Fathers Day dinner and visiting. It wasn't the beautiful weather I had hoped for our BBQ, however the meal still turned out tasty and the company was nice.

In this day of remembering Fathers I am so very grateful for a wonderful husband that is such a great husband, Father and takes great joy in being a grandfather as well. He has always tried to teach the kids by example how we should treat one another. Now that it is just the two of us at home I realize more and more how much the kids still call him for advice, or just to talk. I pray that the closeness will never end.
In the mean time I have loved watching Anthony, Brent and Michael interact so tender and helpful with there own children, and Rodney and Zack with the neices and nephews, all showing that same love that they have been taught.

Finally with this tribute to Fathers how very grateful I am for a loving Heavenly Father that directs us all daily to the path of happiness. Our part is to follow his commandments. Sometimes we have a difficult time with that part, but once again a way has been prepared through a loving Savior, Jesus Christ who has atoned for all of the mistakes we make, so that we can return to live with him someday. Its that endure to the end that once again comes into play, then comes the Happily Ever After.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Love to my Father

Because I have been blessed with a great father -
I know that I am a princess.
I know how to use caulking and duct tape when necessary.
I know that family is more important than anything in this world.
I know that spending time together is the best way to show love.
AND I knew what kind of man I wanted to be the father of my children.

Thanks Daddy for being such a great father and example to us. I love you forever. Naomi

Happy Father's Day to all of the great men in my life.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Honoring the past, and the present for Memorial Day.

This past weekend was a time to pay tribute to all those who have past on from this life to the next, so we made our visit to the cemetery to place yellow roses on dad's grave,
(His favorite flower) and reflect on some special memories. We have enjoyed this special time with mom several times each year, however this time Jennifer Hornsveld was in town to visit, so she went with us. Jennifer came to town with Matt as he moved back here from California, then she will be flying back to California tomorrow with mom who will be attending another grandchild Mitchel's high school graduation.
Along with the California two visiting was Thom, Nancy & Emily from Snohomish Washington.(Camera shy) We had the pleasure of hosting the three of them, but during the days were spent at moms house visiting, and eating. Nancy however was with her mom who has been in poor health, which led her to be checked into the hospital Sunday night, so most of her time was away.It was fun also to have visits with Mary and Randy's boys. Though they live here we don't see them very often, and they are quite the comedians as they share there adventures. Of course when John and Dale's son Sam comes around it seems he always does some entertaining as well. Who would have ever thought that one family could have so many hams. Theater is an important part of many of the DeRoest bunch.
Each day the family got together for dinner at moms house, then played games, or visited until late.
Monday we celebrated Mom's 78th birthday.
She will be having another family party on her official birthday in California on Friday the 4th, but we all wanted to have our turn to pay our tribute and love to her for the great example she is of family unity and service.