Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Texas Style

I couldn't resist. Savannah looked so cute with her cowgirl boots and hat on. It looked like she should be on the front of a cute card.

She wasn't too sure however when her momma put on her hat.

Even Michael was caught trying it on for size.

Adorable !

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3 Generation photo's

After attempting several times to get a 3 generation photo that Naomi was pleased with, she decided we needed to go to a photo studio to have one done. Savannah just a couple of months ago went to the same studio, so she was very prepared with her smiles and the routine. This was Lexi's first photo shoot at almost a month old, and what a little pro she turned out to be. Like her sister, wherever the camera was, that's where she would follow or look, which made it a little challenging to get a side profile shot, however that also turned out great.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bath time fun

Lexi got to enjoy her first submersion bath and seemed to love soaking in the warm water or kicking against the little tub wall.
We never did try out the jacuzzi part of her little tub to see how she would react to the bubbles.

Part of Savannah's daily routine after breakfast was bath time or splash time as she also knows it. It was a fun time for me to watch her enthusiasm and imagination as she plays with her toys.

She never complains about the water in her face or eyes as her hair is being washed. In fact she seems to enjoy pouring water directly over her own head.
Tootsie enjoys watching her with all the fun and I guess has been known to jump in on the fun.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

34th Anniversary

After arriving home from Austin late Thursday night I was tired, but restless, so it wasn't the best nights sleep as I had hoped. Tony surprised me Friday morning by still being home when I woke up. He took the day off of work thinking it was our Anniversary when in fact it was Saturday. So he decided he wanted to go to the beach for the weekend.
The weather was beautiful, and all was peaceful. Lonnie, Sandi, and Amanda arrived about 5 minutes after we did. They to were anxious to just relax, so we didn't see allot of them. On Saturday we went to Saturday market in Illwako along the wharf, had lunch in Longbeach
and walked the beach,
then enjoyed visiting for awhile as well as be entertained by the raccoon that seems to have claimed Lonnie & Sandi's home as its own. As you can see it is very nervous around humans. NOT
To close our evening we enjoyed a soak in the hot tub, and watched a movie.

Today our drive home was the beautiful Columbia from the Washington side. We have never traveled that side before since we heard it was a longer drive, however it really was a beautiful drive. We stopped a couple times to take pictures. I must admit the greenery, trees, rivers, and streams that are all around us here it so amazing, especially on a 76' day.
It was a wonderful weekend we had together to close out another year, and begin anew. How grateful I am that after 34 years Tony still puts up with me, and we feel a need to continue to improve our relationship to enhance, and endure the rest of the eternities.

Happy Late Anniversary!

Happy anniversary, I hope the get-away was nice & relaxing. I don't have many pictures of you two together I've realized.
(I don't have much to update with Anthony. We had a brief call this evening & basically caught each other up. I'm hoping for an email in the next few days). E's had a very hard time this week, and today, so it's easier to write when I get the chance. Overall things are going well as the juggling act continues. We love & appreciate you. Have a happy week & upcoming year. love, Chelsea

Friday, August 14, 2009

all smiles

I loved all the laughter and the smiles ! !