Thursday, December 2, 2010

Park and Play time with Ethan

Needless to say with a new baby in the house a momma needs to rest when ever possible, which usually will end up about mid day. This gave me time to spend with Ethan either driving to a park for a picnic lunch, then play time with all of is new found best friends, or playing outside with big wheels, cars, playing ball, hide and seek, swinging on the tire swing in the back yard, or going for a walk up the street. Usually a couple hours or more of fun and adventure. Some days Ethan came away pretty tired out, and other days he tired me out.

Other times he would entertain himself by creating a maze with his books, puppet shows with finger puppets, building a house with all the pillows he can gather, or of course watching his favorite shows on T.V. He is one very busy little boy.

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