Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mmmm.. Grama Fudge

Friday night Tony and I went to visit mom for taking showers, laundry, games, and helping her to make her fudge.
The showers & laundry due to once again having a water line broken at our home, and it was to dark to work any more on fixing it,
and the help with the fudge was not just in eating it.
I know that was what you all were thinking, but she has a hard time stirring the chocolate to get it all mixed, so that is where she needs Tony's muscles.
Mom was the first to try out the results by licking the spoon, then the two of us followed. Yes, it is mighty tasty.


nanadover said...

Ok..what is her recipe?
Blanche sure looks cute licking that spoon. That's worth waiting a whole year for!

Naomi said...

Mmmmm Grandma's fudge. I want the recipe too!