Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Time to be Creative

Some of the other fun time with Ethan was helping him be creative. He seemed to love the hour or two, depending on what we were working on. It was easy to have some focus with the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we made decorations by drawing, coloring, painting, gluing turkeys, cornucopia's, fall leaves, and ornaments. Each time trying to make it a new creation.
Like his daddy he enjoyed helping me with the cooking.
Play-Doh time also gave him time of be very inventive with making fish, pyramids, ships, and many other amazing things. After spending more than an hour with these masterpieces the dough would dry out, then it managed to be crumbled into a million pieces on the table and floor. I only wish I had taken a picture to capture our surprise. It certainly wasn't something we wanted him to repeat. That is what happens when creation time is left alone for any length of time with a three year old.

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