Friday, December 3, 2010

Mother & Pops 69th year

Monday the 29th of November Mother & Pops celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary, so we got brave and weathered the storm to take them our for dinner at the Chinese Restaurant around the corner from Cascade Terrace.
Zack came straight from work so really dressed up for the occasion. We were just glad he could make it since this is his favorite Chinese restaurant.

Mother had just got her hair done, so looked really nice and was so excited to have an outing.
I'm not sure Pops ever realized where we were, however after having all his meat ground up for the past 5 months he sure enjoyed the BBQ Pork.
Nothing else was eaten until all the meat was gone. I think we all were entertained watching him enjoy his meat dipped in red sauce and when that was gone he went onto the HOT mustard without showing any reaction, then moved onto the rest of his meal.

I was glad that Cathy was feeling well enough from her cold to join us for dinner, however we missed having Ron, Pam, & Ian come who last minute had health issues of there own.

Even though it was cold and wet, my mother in law decided to go with us to show her support to mother and Pops.
After a couple hours away I think they both were grateful to be back in their warm room for the night, and hopefully feeling very loved.

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Naomi said...

Looks like all had a great time. I giggled at your description of Grandpa eatin the hot mustard with no reaction cause in the picture following it appears that he is feelin it afterall! lol