Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Blessings

The family is changing, thus is our traditions.

This was the last year of our family pajamas since the group is getting so large, and everyone is now married and can carry on what traditions they desire.
It was allot of fun having JoAnna and Zack with us for both Christmas Eve at the Dover's
then reading the story of our Savior birth,
and Christmas here at the house.
Tony and I got up at 8:00 am when Rodney called to wish us Merry Christmas. After a nice visit with him we made the rest of the call to the other kids, and grand-kids. We even received a call from Anthony across the World. I love hearing the voice of each of the kids, and knowing they are healthy, happy and safe. JoAnna and Zack got up around 10:30 am in time for biscuits and gravy. Zacks request. It turned out tasty. Then we had them open there gifts. It was fun to watch them with such excitement. I even got my stocking filled this year. I must have been good this year. Come 2:00 Tony, JoAnna, and Zack decided to lay down for a nap, so I went to visit Mother, Pops, and Dorthy (Nancy DeRoest's mom) at Cascade Terrace. Pops was still reflecting on how much fun they had for Christmas Eve. Lasting memories for me.
We invited Marilyn and Dave Morse over for dinner. Sorry, I didn't take pictures. It was a lovely evening of visiting and I must say very relaxing. I did miss the magic of Christmas through the eyes of a child however, so I thought of each of our grandchildren and imagined the great joy they must be experiencing.
Hope all had a wonderful Christ centered Season as well now, and the whole year through.

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