Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter in Oregon

This has been a very busy, and enjoyable few weeks that I am in hopes of catching up and sharing, so please bear with me as I back track a bit.

Saturday April 3rd Naomi, Savannah and Lexi flew into Oregon for a 2 week adventure with us, which got them here to have Easter with lots of family on both sides. Everyone was excited to see them. We started with our own Easter egg hunt in the morning,

then went to Grama DeRoest's for lunch.

Naomi and Jessica both decided to color their hair red without knowing about the other. The funny thing was that it ended up being the same color.

Lexi was not to sure about Uncle Randy's beard.

For dinner we went over to the Dover's. Savannah was soo.. excited to play with kids, and there were allot of them.

It was a full house with 4 of the Dover children and families there, so lots of excitement to be had, and delicious food to enjoy, and one amazing egg hunt, or should I say a collection of eggs. The kids didn't need to look to hard to find these eggs, and they all had a blast collecting them.


Brent and Randi said...

fun fun!

nanadover said...

...sure was a fun evening...crowded, but fun! We need to build a huge hall for these events!