Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Onto Rexburg Idaho

After a couple busy days in Utah we were onto Rexburg Idaho to join up with more of the family for some celebrating.
Anthony had flown into Portland, then he and Tony drove on Thursday which ment that we all arrived into Rexburg about the same time Thursday evening. Mariah decided to join us on our travels to be with JoAnna for her first time to the temple. It was just one of the many events we enjoyed this trip.
JoAnna was so excited to be able to finally go through the temple. Something she has prepared for, and the big day finally arrived on Friday the 9th of April in the afternoon. It was very nice that so many of the family members could be together for this day. As a mother I must say it was quite a tender experience sharing this time with JoAnna, and feeling of her emotions as she received the blessings promised to her in her life.
Zack and his dad Russ were also their to share this great time, and of course to take the first step in preparation for the big day the following week.

Naomi and Mariah left the temple before joining us for pictures, to go pick up the babies from the baby sitters, but Lauren did join us after dealing with the finalization of there old apartment. They spent the week moving from one apartment to another, dealing with finals at school, and preparing for the family to arrive. Talk about trying to be focused.

After the temple we all went to lunch at Bajios where we joined with Zack's mom Cindy and brother Danny for a relaxed celebration and visiting.

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