Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bridal Shower & Bachlerette party

It was so much fun to attend the bridal shower for JoAnna that her Aunt Cathy and Dover girls put together.
Cameo was JoAnna's maid of honor, so she is the one that conducted the games, and kept the gifts coming. The theme was around the clock, so the gifts reflected things that JoAnna would need, or use at different times of the day. She only got a couple of things duplicated, which was amazing.
I always think that it is so sad that we seldom get together with family and friends of the past unless it is a special occasion. In the mean time we have a wonderful time trying to catch up where we left off from years ago.

I am going to have to find another way to celebrate, since JoAnna is the last of my children to get married. Thanks to all that came to make the shower such a wonderful gathering.
One of JoAnna's roommates from Rexburg came to show support.

Savannah seemed to enjoy being the center of the attention much of the time.

Lynn, from my work, came to be supportive from the dental office, and brought her little grandson for us all to enjoy. He is growing so fast, and she has the blessing of having him live close by to really enjoy each of his stages.
Finishing touches were the delicious cupcakes that shaped into a clock, fresh fruit, and chips with salsa. Thursday night while we were decorating the church for the reception all the brides maids were doing some pampering with foot massages by cousin Marinda, then pedicures. It was fun visits, movie, and food I hear.

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