Friday, April 23, 2010

The final week before the Wedding

After the long drive back to Portland in eight different cars, it was time for more preparations, partying, and lots of visits.

Grampa D. played with babies as often as he could. They loved to wait and watch for him when he got home from work, then greet him with lots of hugs and kisses.
JoAnna , Naomi and I set out to roll the silverware in a napkin for the reception, thus making it easier for all to keep track of.Everyone took advantage of playing as well, not only for just Lexi and Savannah's fun, but they were a great entertainment for all.

Auntie Jo took advantage of every time to read to, love, or play with

Uncle Anthony was the adventurous one to give wild rides on his back, or swing with, but he loved his kisses

JoAnna made her final visit to grandpa & grandma before the wedding, knowing they wouldn't be able to make it for the reception. It was a great day for Pops, he was his jovial self, and mother took advantage of loving the little ones.

Brent flew into town Thursday night before the wedding and had a fun first meeting from Lexi with all her giggles.

Aunties Lauren, and Jo were for reading stories, kisses, blowing bubbles, picking flowers and playing with,
But the pattern was established already that these uncles were to use as jungle gyms as Uncle Rodney, and cousin Casey arrived and found out. There is no fear by this time which even the uncles were surprised at.

Cousin Michelle came over with her kids which really excited Savannah, more Kids she would say with such enthusiasm, then off they would go to play outside.

Even Zeke had fun with the kids at times. He is a little more timid around other children, and very protective of his toys. What can I say he is two, and so is Savannah. Need I say more. Yes they had there moments of both good and not so good. Abby however was usually her happy little self. It was cute to see how Lexi would get excited to see Abby, another baby. Abby wasn't ready for so much loving I'm afraid. Its amazing how just a few month at this stage can make a big difference.

The eve before the wedding was time to bring it all together. Aunt Linda and I worked on food preparation, while at Aunt Cathy's, more was happening that I wasn't able to capture. Aunt Cathy made the flower arrangements, bride bouquet, corsages,and boutonnieres. Aunt Sandi on the other hand was decorating the wedding cake. What would I do without my sisters, or the aunties? I love and appreciate them so much.
By 8:00 pm all was being packed up to drive to the church for the final preparations, and decorations. It was a family effort on both sides, and came all together nicely.

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DeRoest's in GA. said...

Thank you for the updates on the many events during April. It's great to see everyone & the family time together. Many details to attend to, you all did a wonderful job. Love & hugs