Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Graduations for Peter

Onto Peter's big events.

Last year Peter asked us to mark our calendars for April 9th and 10th 2010 to attend both his college graduation, and his officer pinning in the Army ROTC program, so now the event is already here, and the excitement of it all was really fun to watch not only in Peter, but in Jessica as well. Both have worked so hard for this accomplishment, and made many sacrifices. Of course there are many more to make, but that is all part of the adventure in the future.

I was so grateful to see both Peter's sisters were also there for support, as well as Jessica's sisters and a brother.

Peter had both is sisters, and Jessica do the pinning,

and asked Anthony to participate in the program by presenting a millitary coin to him, and Peter would then present back a coin to Anthony, which was a silver dollar dated December 7th 1879, One hundred years before Anthony's birthday. It meant allot to Anthony to be asked to participate, but to receive this thoughtful gift was very touching. After the exchange then Anthony would Salute him as an officer.

We are all so very proud of his accomplishments, and his willingness to serve our country.

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linda said...

I can hardly believe all the activities you all squeezed into two weeks! It is so much fun reading about all of the family.
We are so lucky to be part of your tinlives. Thank you for everything!
Love Linda
(I hope you can squeeze a nap in somewhere!!)