Friday, September 18, 2009

JoAnna's Going on a mission

Randi took me to get my pictures done at Sears today. I was very impressed with the photographers work and how all of the pictures turned out. I really only needed a bust shot to turn in however we had fun and took all kinds of extra shots as well. hence the jeans I am wearing. I will keep everyone posted on when I am leaving. All that is left however with my paperwork is a doctors visit so the plan is to turn everything in by the beginning of November. Stay tune for more details at that point.


Tony DeRoest said...

You look great. We are really excited and happy about the decision. I can hardly wait to know what the future brings you. Love, Dad and Mom

DeRoest's in GA. said...

Beautiful! We agree, very happy, excited & proud of you & the decision. You will be wonderful. love & hugs,

Naomi said...

You're gonna be the greatest missionary! I love the pics too kiddo. Love from Texas.

nanadover said...

Our little Jojo...all grown up and looking great!
So proud of you kiddo! What an exciting adventure!
hugs & kisses from Gresham!