Thursday, September 10, 2009


Ethan was so excited to see Savannah when he arrived on Saturday, however Savannah was down for a short nap, so he settled for her toys instead. It was very cute to watch the two of them when she did awake. It was as if they remembered each other from a year ago, and picked up where they had left off before playing with toys, snack time,

jumping on the bed, watching TV, or I should say watching veggie tale movies, playing in the water at the park, enjoying story time,

or closing the day with a nice relaxing bath. Each day was the same with lots of smiles, and a few upsets. They usually came at the same time. At times we had a choir of tears with all three of the grandchildren. It happens.

I could tell that Ethan's infatuation with baby Lexie was very
He loved holding her,yet when he was done get ready to catch as he would push her forward. With the similar action from Savannah we all were prepared for such attention span.
We would have loved having Brennalyn in Texas as well to enjoy all four of the grand babies together.
The next best thing was to skype Brent and Randi Sunday evening to allow us all to see one another while visiting.


Brent said...

Spur- sharp medal item on the back of a boot.
Attic- Top floor of a house (usually meant for storage).

Put them together... Spur Attic.


Sporadic- appearing or happening at irregular intervals in time; occasional

Naomi said...

Nice Brent! I was actually gonna go into this post and spell check but I think it should stay now that you've clarified. :)
It was fun to see Savannah and Ethan play so well together. There were lots of cute pictures taken and memories made. Good times in Texas.

nanadover said...

very cute pics!
And Brent...I LOVE your translation!
Isn't it interesting that it's easy to spot other peoples typos, but it's so easy to miss your own! I hate that part!