Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Homecoming pics

Oh happy day! We are so blessed, happy & excited to have Anthony home. We have all been watched over and supported during this long separation. We are just enjoying & loving any time together. It's nice to just talk to him & hear the experiences that have impacted him. Our Father in Heaven has truly kept us strong, blessed and protected.

So, as for the arrival (: what an adventure with mommy locking the keys in the car (on the base). Thankfully we were running ahead of schedule..with a hanger and rubber-band I avoided a call to AAA. (whew) Once I got E out of the car at the squadron he needed to be changed, again. We made it to the parachute bay & talked with other families who were also waiting. We saw the plane land & then waited anxiously for the bus to reappear. At this point Ethan was bouncing around & looking at planes and helicopters. I was following him and doing a lot of pacing. With signs in hand, we watched him come of the bus & then made our way out of the 'waiting crowd' to meet him. Such joy, there are not words to truly describe the emotions of reuniting & both having passed through so much. We love & miss you. Enjoy a safe & happy week. Love, Chelsea, Anthony & Ethan


Randi said...

I am glad he got home safe. You need to take a few days off from internet, phone, visits, appts. etc and just be interruptions. Love you all.

Lorna DeRoest said...

Welcome Home! Its so nice to see you all together again. Thank you for your valiant service Anthony and Chelsea.
Love you forever, Your momma & dad

Bonnie Card said...

I admire both of you! Anthony, you're awesome. Jason Card might be in your shoes someday. God Bless.

Naomi said...

Welcome home! Love y'all.