Monday, September 28, 2009

An update on Monday? crazy

Hello there,
We hope you're all doing well & enjoying your families. We are excited to leave town as a family & go away this week. We're off to the Temple & to see some sights in FL. We haven't been to the Temple together since the beginning of the year. Thankfully I was able to go in Portland but it's just not as perfect without your spouse. (Hard to go together with a hubby out of the states half the year & each 'closest' Temple being hours away). So, with life getting somewhat back to normal these last two weeks, we're off again. We are happy to have time together & help with necessary on-going things. Today we are in the midst of preparing home/yard/car/errands/appt./packing etc. to leave. We are looking forward to General Conference as well. I don't know about you, but I can always tell when we're approaching that time. What a blessing to have the direction of our Father through the prophet. I appreciate the spirit, Priesthood & the positive influences in our lives.

Here are a few pics..from a wedding reception for some friends of ours.

Daddy was dancing to some music while mowing--not that you can tell. I enjoyed it (: and

Ethan during the brief time he watched 'the great mouse detective.' He was intrigued while it lasted.
Gotta get out the door in a minute. We love & miss you,


nanadover said...

So glad things are getting back to normal...whatever that seems to be from one day to the next!
Hugs from Gresham!

Lorna DeRoest said...

Have a wonderful vacation in Florida.
Sounds like it will fun times for each of you.
Love ya,