Saturday, July 28, 2007

On the Move

We began our journey with Peter and JoAnna to Rexburg on Friday July 27th after Tony got off work. Jessica and Ezekiel flew into Idaho Falls this morning for the move, much easier with a 5 week old baby. All and all the trip went very smooth and comfortable with Peter and Tony driving, and JoAnna and I in the back seat doing puzzles that JoAnna got me going on. I forget the name, but I know they interest many right now.

We arrived in Rexburg at 5:30 am, took a few hour nap, then went to Peter and Jessica's to help get them all moved in.. Randi of course was more than willing to help with Ezekiel, in fact Peter kept a close eye on her since she kept teasing that she would just pack him off to Spokane with her. JoAnna and I then borrowed the car to go get her things out of storage and get her moved in. I hope Peter, Jessica and she will be able to deal with living together. I do think it will be a good experience for JoAnna to have some nanny experience since she is in hopes still to go to Mexico next fall 2008 as a nanny, and to have the experience of communicating in Spanish full time.
The evening was a large gathering with Brent, Randi, Mike, Malyn, Bo, Krista, Peter, Jessica, JoAnna, and babies for Breakfast for dinner at Mike and Malyn's home next door to Peter and Jessica. They have there apartment set up so cute and seem so happy. It really makes me happy to see the blessings the gospel has brought to him. Even his parents ventured to see them over the 4th, and had a wonderful time.
Allot of healing has occured since they have been married. What a blessing.
It was a long busy day, and easy to call it a day.

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