Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lake Merwin

It is amazing how when you get away from the routine of life, and out among this beautiful world that Heavenly Father created for us how much better you feel. The stress of life seems to disappear.

This past weekend Tony, I and my two counselors took seven of the young women to Lake Merwin for a fun bonding excursion. It was a great success. Our goal was to teach them various ways of cooking outdoors, watch cloud formations and recognize what they mean, create a more unified friendship among one another, star gaze, and have a great time. Thanks to the help of Cathy not only allowing us to camp out on there property, but she also was the one teaching the girls various was of cooking outdoors, other than just roasting hot dogs over the fire. We did enjoy roasting marshmallow, and making chocolate ├ęclairs. Besides that they made a breakfast quiche in the dutch oven, foil dinners over hot coals, and peach or blackberry cobbler in dutch ovens. Needless to say we ate well.

Friday night after we had camp set up, and dinner cleaned up we walked up the road to a large clearing to gaze at the stars, and in the dark Tony gave a great devotional on the stars, and the important role we all play in this vast world. I think each of us there felt a wonderful spirit.

Saturday was reserved to building one another. Each writing out positive qualities they recognize in one another, then giving there cards to one another for safe keeping to reflect back on. Several hours we went down to the lake, and the girls played in the lake going from the water trampoline to jumping off the deck that is out in the middle of the swim area. Amongst all the fun, the girls had there first experience of having a deer eat out of there hands. They were a little nervous at first, but soon seemed excited to experience this as well.

It was a bit hotter today compared to yesterday, but I think we noticed it more due to the humidity. But even still as we drove home at 7:00pm the closer we got to Portland the hotter it became. It would have been nice to stay at least through Sunday just to enjoy the relaxation, but it was also important to set a good example to the girls on the importance of the Sabbath. Anyway everyone had a wonderful time, and yes I was tired when I got home from another busy week, and counting to seven, but glad for the experience.

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