Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I haven't taken the time to sit and write whats been going on this past couple of weeks. Its funny when Peter set this up he thought it would be perfect for me, or as he put it, this is something that I could figure out. Anyway it is a way to invite others to check out what the DeRoest's are up to.

Two weeks ago I went on the John Day River on a rafting trip with our youth for three days. We floated about 15 miles total, 5 miles a day. The weather was beautiful, and of course the youth have minds of there own when it comes to how much sun they should indulge in one day, so they all came home very red. I of course have already experienced being a youth and got sun poisoning several times, so chose not to go through that again. Everyone teased me for wearing my sun glasses, hat, and sun block. I did get some color, however not anywhere like they did. Sunday at church it was quite the sight to watch how slow they would be walking. That included the adult leaders that went also. I must say however, it was a very peaceful trip. It would have been perfect if Tony could have gone, and if I could have brought a more comfortable bed. I don't sleep on the ground as easy as I used to.

This past weekend Tony and I brought the 5th wheel to Long beach, Washington. We thought that Lonnie and Sandy were going to be at there place there, however they decided to head there Today the 3rd of July, then stay for the rest of the week. Its difficult when the 4th is right in the middle of the week. Anyway is was just the two of us, or three counting Belle. She just loved being with us. Tony golfed one day, so Belle and I went for a walk on the beach, which we all did each day. It also gave me a time to gather flyer's for possible activities, or locations to stay for the hopeful Allen family reunion next year at this time.
We left the 5th wheel there, so we can return again next month with Brent and Randi. It saves the gas toting it back and forth.

As far as the kids, Michael is taking a test this Friday in San Jose California, and Naomi will be going with him. Hopefully things will work out for them to visit Disneyland afterward. Michael has never been before. Anyway, we will be holding a family fast that he will do well on this test, so if you would like to join us, please feel free to do so. I know he would appreciate the extra prayers. They did have a great visit with Michael's family a couple of weekends ago. With them in Austin they don't get together very often.

Anthony and Chelsea just had there 1st year anniversary. They went away to a cabin in the desert for a relaxing couple of days. They seem to be doing great, and Ethan is growing healthy and strong. I appreciate the pictures that they send regularly since we are so far away. Its the only way we can stay connected.

Brent and Randi are near the end of there stay in Rexburg. Tony and I will be traveling with Peter to Rexburg the 27th of this month, so we will be there for Ezekiel's blessing on Sunday. It has been fun having Jessica, Peter and Ezekiel close by, but the time is almost here that they to need to move forward with there lives, which means away from us. On Monday morning the 30th we will pack up Brent and Randi's things and drive to Spokane. Tony in the U-haul with Brent, and I will be with Randi in there car. Tuesday we will unload, get then situated a bit, then the four of us will drive to Portland so they can enjoy a week vacation.

Rodney is at the coast working for Peter's sister at there beach house for this week for sure, maybe longer if she needs him. His other job fell through. They kept stringing him on for the past two months. He will be away doing his 3 weeks training at the end of the month, so he won't get to see the kids when they come.

JoAnna will be coming home for a week on the 19th, then going back with us on the 27th. Its a quick trip to spend time with her friends before they all go off to college.

Last night Tony and I went out to Gresham to see all the Dover family. They were having family pictures at the park, so I decided it would be a great time to see everyone, as well as take pictures of my own. What a wonderful family they have. I love seeing how they have grown closer and closer to one another. Of course they are blessed to have four of the five kids living very close to them, as well as three of the four grandchildren. What a blessing. Caven and Sara just got a boxer pup. She is 9 weeks, but very small, and I must say very cute at this stage.
I miss having family gatherings with extended family as well as immediate family.

Sandi will fly in tomorrow to help me with a wedding reception on Saturday night. It will be good to see her again.

Well now that I have written a book, I will close for now, and maybe figure out how to add pictures. That's always the best part.

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