Saturday, July 7, 2007

Nikki Haney reception

It has been a busy couple of days in preparation for Nikki Haney reception. It turned out to be just what she wanted, which made us all happy. She looked very beautiful in her gown, and I know her husband felt like the luckiest man alive. They both looked so happy.
It especially pleased me to see how well Mike allowed himself to enjoy this event, to make it special for the entire family. I know that there was a concern if he would take part in it, especially the daddy daughter dance, but he seemed to really enjoy the time as much as she did. Needless to say there were very few dry eyes as they danced to "I loved you first". About half way through Nikki's husband cut in, which left Mike to dance with Jann. I know he may make a joke about it later, but that moment was perfect.
Dave did the announcing of events throughout the night, which brought up another touching moment as he led the toast and good wishes to the happy couple.

I was just grateful to be there, as well as have Tony's support and help. We both enjoyed the spirit of the evening as the family rallied to do there part to make the evening magical for Nikki and Adam.

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