Tuesday, July 31, 2007

cooling off in Spokane

(July 30) Brent and Randi said there final goodbyes to there apartment. The place they have called home since they were married almost two years ago. I am sure they had mixed emotions for the move, yet excited for this new adventure. What a fun adventure it was for both Tony and I to help with the move to Spokane. Neither of us have ever traveled through Montana before, so to see signs of different cities that Anthony had served in on his mission really brought me back to those memories of his life. So much has happened since then. Different chapters of his life that I am in hopes that he can take us there to show us around like we had planned years ago. Beautiful country!

Tony had a great time one on one with Brent most of the trip, as I did also with Randi. We never ran out of things to talk about, and I enjoyed hearing more about her and Brent's goals. The last part of the trip Tony and I rode in the Budget truck, while the kids drove the car.

It was 10:00 pm when we arrived at Randi's parents home, making very good time since we left Rexburg at 1:00pm. Randi's folks had the downstairs beds all ready for us, as well as a tray with herbal tea & fruit to welcome us. I guess she heard that we stopped for dinner at Costco when we got gas for the vehicles. We really went all out. The main thing was that no one really wanted to slow down our pace, just stretch our legs a bit was all that was needed.

(July 31) After getting everything unpacked at Randi's aunt and uncle's home, which is where they will be living for awhile. They cooled off in there swimming pool having a great time playing with Randi's cousins daughters. I enjoyed sitting in the shade watching, as well as taking pictures, and Tony enjoyed the cool basement for a bit of a nap.

The last supper with Lila was fresh salmon and halibut that Randy caught last weekend in Alaska. Randy had his golf tourniment this evening, so we didn't get to see him or visit until late for a few minutes. It was well past his normal bed time. Tomorrow our journey will be back to Oregon.

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