Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Time Out For Women"

Every other year I have the opportunity and privilege to attend a special woman's conference here in Portland on a Friday evening, then again most of Saturday. It is a time for a wonderful Spiritual feast. A time to refill my much needed reservoir.

This year was even more great since I was invited to assist as a staff member, therefore enjoying the hype for the last several months. My assignment was standing at the door to greet the very excited sisters that would come 2 plus hours before the event just to stand in line to get the best seats. It was all part of the enthusiasm.

When I first starting attending TOFW it was eight years ago, three of which were shared with JoAnna. A wonderful event for mother/ daughter that made it even more memorable.
I'm grateful JoAnna was here with us at this time to enjoy this once again.

It is so exciting to me to see so many family groups making this event a fun tradition. I also enjoyed the company of my sisters, and looked forward to sharing it together. For some reason it made it all the more special.
I do still have Cathy close enough to continue this tradition, as well as her daughters, and daughter in laws.
A marvelous example of love and unity.
Mikel was a special Priesthood guest for today to assist with any blessing that might be needed.

These are just a few reasons this event is so enjoyable, but the Spiritual feast, and medicine of Laughter that is shared by the amazing speakers that have sacrificed their time to travel around the country to the various states to share faith promoting stories of trials they have experienced, and how they have triumphed through them.

If it did anything these past couple days was made me so very grateful for the trials I have had in my own lives. I wouldn't want to trade with anyone.
The Theme this year was on "Infinite Hope". A very appropriate topic for the times we are living in now, to help all of us be comforted and strengthened for the future. The Lord truly knows our concerns, as well as our pains, and has his arms are outstretched to each of us to help all along the way. Our part is to exercise Faith & Hope in Christ, and know that he will help us.

Even the music was a feast. So many lesson can be taught and lives touched through music. Friday Michael McLean shared the evening, then Saturday Hillary Weeks. Two different styles, but both have been inspired with the music they write.

I was very emotional while listening to this dear sister, Mariama Kallon as she shared her story of living in Africa, and the war that took her parents, and siblings, yet her great courage as she was determined to live. Her message was to "Rejoice in the Lord", "The Lord will bear us up", He has taken upon him our challenges through his atonement, but with our Faith in him we will be lifted up and feel his great love.

Each time attending Time Out for Women I try to encourage others to attend, especially those that never have.
Then comes the real joy in watching there lives be touched, lifted, and changed. I feel every person needs those internal batteries recharged to continue dealing with the everyday life.

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nanadover said...

What a spiritual feast!...such a wonderful weekend!