Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mother - Baby Bonding

I know Chelsea really doesn't care to have her picture taken, however she consented to a few precious moment pictures to be shared.It has been so much fun watching Parker respond whenever he see's, or hears his momma's voice, or when Chelsea gives him kisses.
He will respond with cue's, smiles and laughs. It is so adorable.

Today I witnessed when Parker was less than happy, then Anthony called, so Chelsea put the phone on speaker. Parker stopped crying instantly when he heard his voice and started looking around. Ethan also came running in the room to say "Hi" to daddy.
Parker seems to enjoy looking at the family picture on the wall. It has a calming comfort to him that he tends to talk to, or just stare at.
What a joy it is to be around and see this wonderful bonding that goes on between a mother and child, and the recognition of a daddy's voice from far away and not being forgotten .

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Naomi said...

Chelsea you are so beautiful and such a proud Momma. You have such cute boys too. I am looking forward to meeting Parker sometime. Love ya.