Monday, October 25, 2010

Traditional Pumpkin carving

It is fun to see that even with the kids at a distance they still enjoy the traditional pumpkin carving.
JoAnna and Zack were very private while cutting out their pumpkin as we stood across the counter from them. They creation consisted of a Pumpkin Pi.

Tony 's pumpkin had two faces. One traditional with eyes, nose and mouth, the other with the Portland Temple. A bit more spiritual side of Halloween.

Brent's was Tigger, which I'm sure Brenna loved since she loves the Winnie the Pooh characters.

Anthony and Ethan's creations were the Statue of Liberty (showing his patriotism),
and the face from "Nightmare before Christmas"

Some are still very competitive about it, more in fun than anything, but we all can enjoy seeing the talent that comes out of it.
I never saw any pictures from Rodney & Lauren, or Naomi & Michael. If you did your creations I would love to add them to the collection.
Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone.

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